TWITL – week forty-nine – the grind

This week felt like a total grind. I don’t know why. I was more annoyed than not and some of it I can trace. I’m trying to work on keeping everything at an even keel but lo, when you’re irritated about something, it so eats at you sometimes.

sometime I bought

I need to stop with the retail therapy, I know. I saw the above coat online and coveted it for day before I decided not to get it. I read the online reviews and the buyers said it ran small and I was going to maybe buy a size I should wear as opposed to the size I’d normally wear. I was proud of myself then a couple of days later, I checked on the coat again and saw that they had added my size and dropped the price by a few dollars. Well, I ordered it. Why the hell not, right? It’s still “processing,” which makes me a little anxious but nothing to be done except to wait.

Santa at the end of the parade

Our town’s holiday parade was on Friday night and it was great getting out in the cool night and drink wine while the parade passed by. Yes, I parked myself in the patio area of the wine bar and watched the parade and the people. It was fun! The parade was supposed to be a few weeks earlier but the smoke from the fires made for poor air quality and the parade was postponed. This might be the reason the parade seemed shorter. Still, good times!

On Saturday, we headed out the Walnut Creek to the Apple Store! They have a new location (across the street from the old location) and it’s spectacular. We had a purpose going to the store and I walked out with a new Apple Watch!

My new Apple Watch!

Apple Watch Series 4, Space Gray aluminum case with the black sport loop, cellular. Yes, I can make calls on my watch if I want to talk into it like Dick Tracy. Or I could use the Air Pods for calls as well. I downloaded a couple of playlists to the watch and I can connect the Air Pods to listen if I don’t want to use my phone for playing. The husband says the new Apple watch is my Christmas gift so Happy Christmas to me!