TWITL – week one – so it’s 2019 now

Welcome to 2019! We were actually awake at midnight. We watched one of the local channels for local fireworks (well, San Francisco fireworks). It looked pretty windy out there!

my watch said Happy New Year with little fireworks
my watch said Happy New Year with baby fireworks

I’m not sure what kind of format I’m going to use this year for my blog posting but I suppose I’ll keep up with the weekly posts along with random posts. Maybe. For example, I still need to post my Apple Watch review but I don’t want to add it to a weekly post (unless I don’t have much to say that week, which is a possibility).

First movie of 2019 - Aquaman
my first movie of 2019 – Aquaman

Aquaman – FINALLY got to see this one. I meant to see this during my time off but the whole wonky tummy thing kept me home. I went to the movies on Friday after work because it was a half day. Walked to the theatre and had a small popcorn, enjoying the movie from my usual seat in the auditorium… I enjoyed the movie! Jason Momoa is a joy to watch and the movie beautiful and adventuresome. I would love to see it again and I know that when it’s time, it’ll be part of my movie collection, probably in 4k.

one Friday morning
a morning shot


We binge watched a couple of Netflix shows during break…

  • Pine Gap – This Australian show was a great watch! It was great seeing Jacqueline McKenzie (she was in The 4400). I enjoyed the international intrigue and hope it gets a second season. The ending was definitely open ended enough for another go. Fingers crossed for more!
  • Tidelands – Charlotte Best and Elsa Pataky head the cast of this Australian Netflix crime drama with a fantasy twist. I enjoyed this show very much and once again, another show with just enough of an open ended finale. Questions were answered but what’s next? Did the people who looked as if they died actually die? Why did the cast have to be so damn pretty?! (The one who plays Dylan, OH MY GOODNESS. He’s scrumptious!)
Sully and his Frankie dog
Frankie and his human Sully

I put up a poll on Twitter and Sully won. He gets to play the fella in my next story. I started a story but didn’t have him in mind for the main fella so I’ll probably start a new one. He is fun to write as the fella in my stories and since my last story starred Henry, I suppose it’s time for Sully. He’s due.