TWITL – week two – back in the groove

The first full week of work for 2019 just seemed to last FOREVER. I experienced some discontent in regards to work but I’ll get over it because why waste time on things that I cannot control? I’d talk about it here but who knows who might read it so…

truth right there
yes, I’m nerdy enough to take a picture in front of a window…

I finally got to take my picture in front of the window featuring Henry Cavill. Seriously, it’s probably the only way I’ll ever get a picture with him but I’ll take it! I posted a version on my Instagram and tagged him. I hope he at least saw it and that it gave him a chuckle. Maybe?

I'm easily thrilled
I’m easily thrilled

I love that Sullivan Stapleton (@sullygram77 at Instagram) has taken to liking comments made on his posts. I know it’s not just me but I tell ya, I super appreciate every little heart drifting my way. I adore him no matter but now I really really adore him.

Hubby had to go out of town for a couple of days so I was on my own for one night. What wildness ensued? Oh, I watched iOS Today and MacBreak Weekly then an episode of Strike Back and Xena. Yes, this is what happens when I’m home alone. I hunker down and watch tech shows then balance it out with some action shows. Fun times!

I started the week with maybe my Achilles tendon hurting. I was limping the first part of the week and then suddenly it was better. I have no idea what I did to hurt it nor what I did to heal it. Of course, now my other foot is hurting for some reason. Is this about getting old? If it is, I am so not having it!

wine after work
wine after work

So you remember that “model” who blocked me months and months ago because she perhaps didn’t like me fangirling over her boyfriend? Well, I have a feeling that they have perhaps parted ways. Why do I say so?

  • She wrote a somewhat cryptic post on her Instagram. (I don’t follow her but I sometimes check out her profile in case she posts him.)
  • When I saw that he did not reply to her post nor like it (you know, because it shows such things), I went over to his Instagram and discovered that he was no longer following her (not her public profile nor her private one). I checked out her profile again and saw she was also not following him anymore.
  • I found the above points curious but it wasn’t until the next day that I actually checked out his Instagram page and looked through his posts to find that every photo featuring her or the two of them had VANISHED.

I’m going to be honest, I find the whole thing rather, ummm, delightful. I have this feeling that he was the one who ended it. I’m mostly delighted because now I hopefully don’t have to see her face anymore. She can go back to whatever obscurity life has in store for her. And I can go back to actively supporting him as one of my fellas…

See, Henry Cavill in my town!
Henry in Brentwood

We went shopping with my Dad on Saturday so that he could buy a new laptop and phone! He wanted a new computer but he still wanted to do what his current (OLD) computer can do so he’s keeping his old computer for his copying purposes and using the laptop for everything else. He wanted a smartphone so we steered him to the iPhone XR. It’s his first smartphone! He has an iPad to the iPhone won’t be totally alien. It was fun going electronics shopping even if it wasn’t for us.