TWITL – week eight – working on a story


“In My Bed” – I’ve been working on this story for awhile but the characters have no names yet. I started with the end and then some of the middle but it’s slow going. Perhaps I’m merely feeling a bit uninspired…


I read a romance novel that was written back in the 1980s and I was struck by how dated it felt while reading it. I say this as one who likes to read Pride and Prejudice at least once or twice a year. The point of view in this ’80s era romance novel was third person with all of its focus on the main female character. It was written by the author of my favorite romance novel at the time and I wonder now if I read that favorite novel now if I’d feel the same about it as I did then. I have a feeling not.

Happy Birthday Tyler!
Happy Birthday Tyler!

Happy Birthday to Tyler! His song “The Difference” is now in the top 20 for country music! How amazing is that?! I’d love for the song to go to number one.