TWITL – week five – one of those long weeks

I’m glad that I keep track of my days on my Google Docs because sometimes I forget when it’s time to write the blog. Even now, I’m writing on Sunday night after the Super Bowl and trying to watch Strike Back.

this will be mine
I just can’t quit 1888 Design

Let’s talk about that Super Bowl for a moment. The best thing about that rather boring Super Bowl was Julian Edelman getting the MVP. He deserved it for sure. Goff wasn’t ready for the big show and Brady didn’t play like one of the greatest of all time. He was mediocre at best. The defenses of each team did their jobs for sure. BUT OH MY GOODNESS, that game was boring.

We did have a good time at our friends’ place for the game. It’s always great hanging with them.

happy for this guy
Good for this guy!

1888 Design had another sale and OF COURSE I had to buy something (that owl above is coming to me). I seriously LOVE 1888 Design and now I even have my own discount code! WHAT?! Yes, when I get the mood to buy something there and there’s not a sale, I can still buy because I won’t have to pay full price. SO COOL!

Mmmm, lumpia!
we brought lumpia to the Super Bowl party

So there’s going to be a Xena convention in 2020 to celebrate the 25 anniversary of Xena’s premiere. They’ve announced three guests so far and my wandered about who else could possibly attend. I posted an instagram story and tagged Erik Thomson. I thought it would amuse him and I hoped he would reply and he did! He’s free those days of the convention. If he gets booked, I might have to really consider going so that I can finally meet him in person. How exciting would that be?!

GS cookies
Girl Scout cookies

It’s February now, which apparently means Girl Scout cookies as well as the transfer request open enrollment. Joyful times!