TWITL – week nine – fangirl mumblings

This weekend marked the first Saturday of the Farmers Market. Even though the weather was rainy, we walked to downtown. I bought a cheeseburger Zombie and kettle corn and croissants. I had my first mimosa (lavender). So good! It was a lovely day.

first mimosa of the season
The lavender mimosa

So if you’ve been following this blog or just paying any sort of attention to my random fangirl postings on social media, then you know I had this thing for Simon Kassianides. It was Listworthy serious (which is pretty serious in my world of fangirling). As with most of my fellas (except Sullivan Stapleton and the never Listworthy but definitely top three Henry Cavill), my regard for Simon tapered off to a much cooler, not so all consuming fangirl sort of affection. Some of the coolness (okay, a lot of it) was due to the fact that he had a girlfriend. Wait, that sounds like I’m a nutjob.

Let me preface this with this inherent truth – I do not care if my fellas have wives or girlfriends. I don’t like them “that way.” I adore the fellas because they’re amazing actors or singers or just do a damn good job of entertaining me. Add to the fact that I am quite happily married (he’s amazing and awesome and merely rolls his eyes at my fangirling antics) and there is no reason whatsoever for the significant other of my fellas to view me as anything more than an enthusiastic supporter of their boyfriend or husband. Got that?

Sometimes, if the girlfriend or wife is awesome and amazing, I end up liking them too. (Case in point, Sabina Gadecki, one of my favorite people.) Most of the time, I pay no mind to the girlfriend or wife. Very few times, I somehow got noticed by the girlfriend and then blocked. (Jealous or insecure much?!)

So Simon’s ex blocked me on one of the social networks after I had followed her and commented like TWICE on her posts. I’m not sure WHY she blocked me but she did (I was only complimentary in my comments) and I did not appreciate it at all. I hate to say it but it did color my regard for Simon. How could it not? He proclaimed affection for a person who decided that blocking a stranger from her public social media account was a smart thing to do (as if I couldn’t find other ways of seeing her public account). Did she really think I wouldn’t notice? Well, I did.

I still kept track of Simon through his posts, of course. I rolled my eyes every time she happened to appear. And I lowkey checked out the public profile she opened up later just in case he happened to appear in her posts. (To be honest, I don’t like looking at her face and it was a chore to look through her profile just to catch a glimpse of him.) I stopped posting pictures of him or even mentioning him on social media. But I was still watching him.

It took me a couple of weeks or so to notice when she was no longer appearing on his social media but I did eventually notice. It seemed to happen around the same time as when he was filming the Suits spinoff Pearson. I thought that might be why until I went to his profile page and saw certain photos were no longer there. I thought it was interesting.

Nowadays I find myself paying a bit more attention to him than before but I haven’t gotten to the point of doing screenshots much less posting about him. (This doesn’t count since I’m not going to tag him or anything.) But wait until Pearson starts. I’ll probably be back with screencaps and such. I’m that kind of fangirl…


Still writing “In My Bed” and I still don’t have names for any of the characters. I have over 10k words written. Is that a little crazy? Maybe. I’m also writing in a non-linear fashion but trying to keep the story linear. It’s interesting not having names yet but it’s also keeping the story tight. I’ll have to give them names soon…