TWITL – week fifteen – slowly warming up

Ohhh, spring time. I do love the warmer air, the cool breeze, the bright sunshine. I like the cold morning, the slight heat of the day. I wish our springtime temperatures were our summer temperatures. Knowing this tolerable warmth will soon give way to the stifling summer just spoils it a little for me.

this is our album cover
our album cover – we’re so serious

We cooked dinner with our friends twice this past week! We’re all trying to eat healthier so we’re giving this a try. It’s a good thing to make dinner and hang out with good people. The food was delicious! First night we had chicken, second night we had seafood. Yum!

The Delta
The Delta

I ended the week with a meeting, which was rather nice. I liked getting out of the office and seeing folks from the other sites. Oh, and learning new things! I do like learning new things…


“Layers of Entanglement” – I started this story ages ago and I went back to it for a re-read. I wish I had kept notes on what I had intended for the story. The story is one part sci-fi/fantasy, one part fangirl wishful thinking, and another part romance novel. I have an outline but when it comes to the sci-fi/fantasy part, I didn’t note anything. So frustrating! I want to start writing it again just for fun. Well, it could be fun if I can figure out the sci-fi/fantasy layer.


Game of Thrones – OMG, it’s back! And OMG, it ends after the last episode. We didn’t watch the previous seasons as we intended but we did watch last season’s last episode for a little refresher. So Episode 1 of Season 8 was… long awaited! I’m still trying to process everything I saw. I loved it all! I’m trying to savor this last season and not feel so impatient for the next episode. It was great seeing the character come together. As one of the reviews I just read noted, this first episode set the players in place for what lies ahead. I laughed a little, I teared up a little, I gasped a little– I loved the tug of emotions… My favorite part had to be the dragon giving Jon Snow the look. You know what I’m talking about…

dinner at home
dinner at home