TWITL – week seventeen – #AvengersEndgame #MakeItSweet #LeaveHerWild

Let’s start with the Make It Sweet concert!

Make It Sweet
my new baseball cap and my concert ticket

I had a VIP experience with Jordan Davis but it was cancelled due to illness. He was still able to perform for the concert and if I hadn’t known he wasn’t well, I might not have noticed.

Here’s my rundown of the concert:

  • Mitchell Tenpenny – WOW. Strong voice, great energy. I only knew a couple of his songs but I enjoyed them all, especially “Telling All My Secrets.”
  • Jordan Davis – I’ll admit that he was the main reason I wanted to go the concert and even though he was unwell, he gave it his all. I couldn’t help singing along to (almost) all his songs. He did a great job and I’m glad he powered through to perform. (He ended up cancelling Sunday’s performance at Stagecoach. Such a bummer!)
  • Old Dominion – They put on the best show! I LOVED every second they were on stage. I sang along to most of all their songs and at one point the microphone failed and the whole audience carried the song until Matthew got a new mic. It was funny and awesome. My favorite part was when Trevor, Matthew, and Brad sat and went through some of the hit songs they’ve written… I loved how most of the audience sang along to all the songs. It felt good singing along with everyone and the band.

This was probably one of my favorite concerts in recent days. I enjoyed it all so much. Everyone put on a great show…

Friday night movie
Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame – No spoilers from me! If you’ve invested your time and heart into the MCU, then you’re going to see this movie. I’m definitely going to need to see it again a couple of more times in the theatre… I saw the movie on Friday, deciding on going to see it about an hour or so before show time. The auditorium was pretty packed but the crowd wasn’t too rowdy so that was good. I did have to get up during the movie but I don’t think I missed too much (plus I was fast).

Leave Her Wild
“Leave Her Wild” – Tyler Rich

“Leave Her Wild” – Tyler’s new single is out! GO GET IT! It’s so good. I love it so very much. Could this be the one that goes to the top of the charts? I have a feeling it could be…

Game of Thrones – What can I say about episode 3? It was exciting and dark (not just in theme but visually quite dark) and gut wrenching and satisfying. I cried towards the end when Bran said, “You’re a good man.” The tears just streamed down at that point. Oh Arya! Such a freakin’ badass! “Not today.” Of course, the next question is now what?


Monday I had the day off to go the DMV. I know, EXCITING, eh? (NOT!) But how’s this for efficient– I received my license in the mail on Saturday! After the DMV, we had breakfast at Katy’s Kreek then checked a bookstore and a comics book shop before having beer at Mike Hess. A good way to spend a Monday!… The weather was a little too hot for my taste. Why can’t we have temps in the 70s for like a month before hitting the summer heat?…

My birthday is coming up (on the 3rd) and I might troll my fellas for HBD wishes. We shall see. Already got an early one from Chris Conrad because I hinted in a tweet that my friend Rachel would appreciate a shoutout from him for her birthday since he was her favorite back in the day. He obliged (because he’s a total sweetheart) and assured me that he was sending me something autographed. I’m just happy at the prospect, he can totally take his time with it…