TWITL – week nineteen – family time and spring time days

my latest piece from 1888 Design
my latest piece from 1888 Design

My latest piece from 1888 Design arrived on this week. I can never resist a sale and the last one was a 50% deal. I still haven’t used my special code yet. Too bad I can’t combine it with the random deals. One or the other! I’ll have to use my own code one day just to show my appreciation for even having my own.


The weather is warming up but the winds had kept us on the cooler side most of the week. I suppose last weekend’s winds were a bit much because the tree above looked like that on Monday morning. Yowsa!

One more season of Blindspot!
One more season of Blindspot!

I’m happy that Blindspot is getting a fifth and final season because more Sullivan Stapleton on my TV is always a good thing! And I’m glad that they know they’re going to end so that it can get a proper send off. So congratulations to Sully and the Blindspot crew!

behind me, the nieces
the nieces behind me

Yesterday was my niece’s First Communion (yes, another First Communion). Fun times again! I really do enjoy spending time with my family and catching up with everyone. This time it wasn’t a usual mass (just one reading and no gospel), which made it a shorter time. I liked that bit. But lo, the kneeling portion was not fun at all. When did I find it intolerable to kneel?! Yowsa.

Hollywood stylin' cousins

I am super digging this photo with my cousin. I think we look a bit Hollywood, eh? It was warm and bright outside of the church. I think this is the first time in a long while that my hair is shorter than my cousin’s. Maybe?

There’s my friend Paula standing next to Henry Cavill again. I just had to show it off because I’m so happy for her and just a smidgen jealous. Just a tiny, itsy bit jealous. Mostly I think it’s amazing she got to stand there with him and have a few words. She said it was only 30 seconds but that’s still 30 seconds more than I’ve ever had with him.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! In all your ways, you’re doing your best. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

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