TWITL – week twenty-five – you cannot deny

you cannot deny
the sweet thrill awakening
this inspiration

pretty ring
a new ring

The Art Wine & Jazz Festival was this weekend here in town. We checked it out on Saturday and I just had to buy the ring above from one of the vendors. I love the colors. So pretty!


Always Be My Maybe – Finally got to watching this Netflix film. It was so good! I really enjoyed it. And OMG, Keanu Reeves’ bit was hilarious! I really liked the chemistry between Ali Wong and Randall Park. They did such a great job on the movie.


  • Bought some Tyler Rich items the other day because he has new merchandise! When I bought the stuff, I thought, it’ll be awhile before we get to a show and I want new Tyler stuff, so let’s buy some. So buy I did. Then guess what? The hubby bought tickets to Tyler’s show next week! I wonder, will I end up buying more merch at the show? HA!
  • Give me a week or so and I’ll actually officially proclaim that I am fangirling hard for this one. I think I want to track my whole process of turning fangirl for someone new. I started a sort of essay about it (which will be more fun to share than the essay I posted during the week).
  • Speaking of the essay on Listworthy5, it seems that I could probably write another one about the hypocrisy of people and their condescension and how sometimes the “good guys” get a little screwed, even if it’s just for the moment. My lovelies, taking the high road will ultimately reap better rewards but it’s a bittersweet journey…
  • When Simon Kassianides’ new show starts, I bet I’m going to do screencaps at some point. It feels inevitable. And oh, he posted a totally beefcake photo on his IG and I just had to make it my lock screen. Gorgeous, super gorgeous.
  • Chris Conrad, now seen on the EPIX show Perpetual Grace Ltd., is a total sweetheart and everyone should follow him on twitter. Also, how do I get him follow me on twitter?! (No, he doesn’t have to follow me but it would ROCK if he did…) He’s one of the nicest people and I wish I had a picture with him. Maybe someday? Perhaps we’ll meet and talk Young Hercules and rugby and New Zealand. I think I’d just be happy to hear his stories…


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – working title – My characters have names! The story is utterly and unabashedly ridiculous but I’m trying to ground it a little. The first layer of the story is definitely romance novel fodder fueled by a bit of fantasy. I’m peeling away now to make the conflict a bit more internal with only light external stuff. We shall see how it goes. I want it to be a fun story too and obviously being ridiculous is yielding results because my daily average of words written is insanely high. I often say that writing is a compulsion for me and this is a prime example of it. I have so far written 37k words. INSANE! But I’m so loving this flow of creativity. Thank you, Harry Connick Jr, for the soundtrack to the story and to you, my Muse, for somehow inspiring all these words from me.

I like when he likes my comments
his likes make me fangirl happy