TWITL – week twenty-four – first you’ll deny it

first you’ll deny it
dismiss the rush of the thought
falling all the while

What, a bit of poetry to start? What madness is this? I miss writing my bits of poetry. You’d think I’d be inspired enough at least once a week so perhaps this is my start to it. Yes, let’s make it my start of writing a poem (even the little haikus) with every weekly post. Shouldn’t be too difficult…

a frose
utter yummy

I started a new story on June 10th and I’m about 11,000 words into it. The main characters have no names yet. It’s a romance (but of course) about an older woman and a younger man. (It was inevitable that I’d write such a story.) My creativity seems to really kick in when I listen to old Harry Connick Jr songs (which stems from watching Harry in that Cheers episode he was in). I’m not sure why Harry is helping me with the story but I’ll take it! I love when I’m writing a story without knowing why. It just feels good to write. Now, if I can just figure out names for the characters! I *might* have a name for the main female character as well as the main male character’s parents (right, I don’t know why I have names for them already). I am not even close to granting a name for the male character but I might be close. (Perhaps I should call him Harry since Harry Connick Jr is influencing my writing of this story.)

I’m including all my other muses in the story in different roles which is a bit fun. I might have to change their countries of origin or ethnic backgrounds to hide their identities. Or maybe not. Who’s really going to know who they are unless they know me? (And none of those characters have names either so one is “the ex” and the other is “the Aussie.” I know, how original!)

Neil Gaiman posted this and I just had to save it
Neil Gaiman posted this in regards to Good Omens and I just have to share…

Everyone should watch Good Omens! Also, read the book.

So who is the inspiration of this latest story? A new Muse! It was time for a new one, which means that I’m fangirling a bit for a new fella. I don’t want to make a big deal about it since I have no idea how long it will last but since I am using him for my new story it might mean that it’s going to last long enough to finish the story (fingers crossed). As I don’t know if this is just flash thing, I’ll leave him unnamed (a bit like the character I’m writing) for now. Suffice to say he’s impressed me enough to have me write him as the main male character…

Go watch Good Omens!
No really, go watch GOOD OMENS!

On the other fandom front, I still have that essay I might share since I’ve spent so much time on it. I might need to go through it to make it more vague. Perhaps my fellow fan group ladies should read it. I want it vague enough for a passerby to not know what the heck I’m talking about but still to be able to get the gist of it, the feelings of it all. I feel as that it all needs to be said in some sort of detail. It just needs to be out there.

Happy Birthday Sully!
because how could I not share a shot of Sully & his puppers Frankie?

I still this it’s an odd coincidence that Sullivan Stapleton shares his birthday with my own dad. It’s weird, right? It’s weird. Anyhoo, hope that Sully had a lovely birthday and that all our wishes made him smile because the thought of him always makes me smile…