TWITL – week twenty-two – warming up

I just finished doing two episodes worth of screencaps of Sullivan Stapleton. If you can see the featured picture, that’s one of them. I suppose this is my cue to talk some TV stuff…

The Gang Gets Gone

Blindspot – The season ended with two back-to-back episodes on Friday night. It was exciting and infuriating and lo, the end! Cliffhangers are only fun when you know the show is going to have another season. Thank goodness it comes back for its fifth and final season. I wonder if it will be a full complement of episodes. I hope so!…

Good Omens – This Amazon limited series debuted on Friday and I cannot recommend it enough. It was so good! I enjoyed it so much. I’m probably going to watch it again. I’m in the middle of reading the book again (I bought the actual paperback but I bet one day I buy it digitally too because really, you cannot have too many copies of a good book).

Next on my list to watch is Perpetual Grace LTD. It’s done by the same folks behind the Amazon show Patriot and I have to watch it because Chris Conrad is in it and I’m a good fangirl.

how lovely as the sun goes down
Pretty skies

This past week was the last week of regular school hours for the kids out our way. Even though I work when school isn’t in session, I still love the thought of summer days. I’m sure the kids love it more, eh?

The weather is warming up and I’m trying not to dread it. We’ve actually had some cooler days than not but I can feel the warm days approaching.

One of these days I’ll put together my thoughts about fandom and its perils. I know I’ve hinted about it here but one day, I’ll either let it go and not say a word or just drop it without prelude. Let’s see how it goes…

A little Strike Back love to the boys
Feeling some Strike Back love…