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TWITL – week twenty-nine – drop some hints my way

visit me in dreams
tell me what comes next for you
drop some hints my way

I will seriously never learn my lesson because it’s Sunday evening and I’m writing as I watch tv and wait for dinner to finish cooking. We’re watching a cheese-fest of a movie called Boa vs Python. The best part about this movie is David Hewlett. Oh, and we watched Flash Gordon earlier. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that one and lo, it’s super cheesy. But fun!

the haka
All Blacks doing the haka

Twas the first weekend of the Rugby Championship. South Africa won over Australia. I was able to watch the All Blacks vs the Pumas live during the day since it was played in Argentina. The All Blacks won. Yah!

Before the rugby, we ventured out to the farmers market. It was interesting being there so early. The weather was great but none of the watering holes were quite open yet. I still managed to have two mimosas before we walked back home.

salted caramel apple mimosa

We had jersey day on Friday so I decided on my All Blacks one since it’s been ages since the last time I wore it. We had lunch at the park, which was a lovely way to break up the day.

in my All Blacks jersey
in my All Blacks jersey


Veronica Mars – season 4 – One of the surprises from Comic Con was the announcement that the fourth season of Veronica Mars was now on Hulu. We watched over the weekend and finished it today. For the most part, I liked it very much. It was fun seeing the character again and trying to figure the big mystery.

Pearson – Of course I watched this. Gina Torres is rather amazing but I’m going to watch the show for Simon Kassianides. Like that’s a surprise, eh? Anyhoo, the first episode was nicely done and hooked me enough to want to watch more. Of course…


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – I’ve slowed down way too much with this story. It was inevitable, wasn’t it? But I will finish it, I am determined! It might help to watch more of the person who’s inspiring the main fella…

yeah, this one

Also, I was only a bit jealous of all the folks who were at the San Diego Comic Con. All the fun stuff coming out of there just gave me a twinge of envy. Oh, and every Henry photo just made me sigh a bit…