TWITL – week thirty-one – the rush of the thrill

the rush of the thrill
shifting the moment to this
perfection so still

St. Louis Cardinals World Series Championship ring
World Series ring

We went to our first baseball game of the season yesterday. A’s vs. Cardinals. I actually thought about which jersey to wear (I have a Mulder jersey for both teams) but I settled on my A’s jersey since it was an A’s game. Plus it just didn’t feel right wearing a Cardinals jersey in an American League ballpark (or so I thought to myself). We had suite tickets and it was our first time in one of the football suites. It was pretty cool. We had a great view of almost everything but the outfield. It was a good time watching baseball.

Oh, and the World Series ring? That one belongs to Aaron Miles of the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals. I asked him if I could take a picture of it and he obliged. Thank you, Aaron!

And yes, the A’s won!

Play ball!
Let’s Go A’s!

School started out this way. I know, so early! But after August (the only month of the school year that doesn’t have a holiday in it), it’ll get better. It was a challenging first week in a few ways.

Simon in Pearson


Pearson – I stayed up on Wednesday to watch the latest episode. Yes, the show is that good. Gina Torres is fantastic to watch and I very much enjoy how kickass she is. Not nearly enough Simon for me but every week they show a bit more and hopefully by the season’s end we have a better sense of his character. So far, I am intrigued…

these two
it’s fun watching these two

Jack Whitehall has a new video up on his YouTube where his father talks about the day he was born. It was kinda hilarious. They’re so much fun to watch…