TWITL – week thirty-three – yes, so long ago

yes, so long ago
so much time has truly passed
fading memories

the haka
the haka before the All Blacks/Wallabies game

I stay up late on Friday night to watch the All Blacks play the Wallabies. Thankfully, the All Blacks won and I went to sleep quite happy. The Rugby World Cup is in September, which I think is why The Rugby Championship didn’t go as long as it usually does…

Simon Kassianides in Pearson – episode “The Former City Attorney”


Pearson – “The Former City Attorney” – Another good episode of this show but not enough Nick D’Amato (Simon Kassianides). Good thing he did an Instagram Live because we were treated to about 40 minutes of Simon chatting and answering questions (he answered one of mine!) and just being all around fantastic. He is rather lovely and I hope he does more IG Live sessions. He was fun to watch!

Fangirl musings

Michael & Jack
Michael & Jack

Jack Whitehall added a new video to his YouTube channel this week in his Tales with My Father series. This one was “How I Got Into Boarding School” and it was rather entertaining. Jack’s father Michael is funny in that dry way and the two of them together is rather a treat. Of course, I watched and took screencaps because that’s where I am in this whole Jack Whitehall thing. I’m doing all the easy screencaps (those that I do on my phone) before moving on to doing screencaps from Travels with My Father and Good Omens and Bad Education and whatever else I find on the streaming services. I still have Bounty Hunters to go through as well as Decline and Fall. I don’t think I’ll go far back as to do screencaps of Fresh Meat but who knows at this point. I’m trying not to go overboard but I will say that I am really enjoying this fangirl thing for him. It keeps me occupied and I sort of love that I haven’t gotten his attention at all. (Although his mother has liked two things of mine and that makes me a bit anxious.)

Simon again

Simon Kassianides has fallen back into my good graces mostly by being so amazing on Pearson and liking my comments on his posts. I know he’s trying to nurture whatever fan attention comes his way but I’m still a bit giddy whenever he does notice my comments. He doesn’t go so far as to actually like my posts but I don’t mind. When he answered my question during his Instagram Live, I was dutifully excited by hearing him say my online name. It would have been even better if he had called me by my real name but I’ll take what I can get.

Frankie and his human
Frankie & his human Sully

Sullivan Stapleton posted the above picture of him and his puppers Frankie. How freakin’ cute are they?! Too cute. I sort of miss Sully and his show Blindspot. They have one more season left. I wonder what Sully will do when the show is off the air. Will he do some movies? Will he get another show? Maybe someone will cast him with his Strike Back buddy, Philip Winchester and they’ll be two totally different kinds of characters. Like teachers or something like that. Or maybe a sci-fi story. I’d love to see that!

Oh, Listworthy5, my regard is sinking into indifference. I don’t have that fangirl passion for you anymore. When I post, I do so out of duty. My words of support feel empty. Or maybe I’m trying to convince myself that I still care. Do I still care? It drives me a little mad that you have thrown your support towards someone who is a hypocrite and a phony. Is the attention from that “fan” really worth it? Why have we been so polite as to not air out our grievances? Even trying to muster that anger is a chore. I still do what I do because I adore the people in my group. They are my friends. Part of me hopes I will get through this and find that spark again for you but right now, my heart just isn’t in it…

Other things I could say

I had other words for this week’s posts but I will save them for another time. A sort of melancholy has taken hold of me and my mind lingered on the past a bit this week, specifically of my time working for the sheriff’s department. I found my page recounting my last days there and it’s amazing how much I detailed. I’m glad that I wrote about it even if I don’t remember everything about those days. I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since my last day there. I don’t miss it (who would miss working at a jail?!) but I do miss some of the people (and the money)…

I've turned Jack Whitehall into a watch face
Jack as a watch face