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TWITL – week thirty-two – maybe you will stay

maybe this will stop
maybe you will fade away
maybe you will stay

Jack Whitehall
From “Who Do You Who Think You Are”

This week I learned that I can send files from my computer to my phone or iPad through wifi using VLC. I know, how did I not know this sooner?! Well, now I know and now my mobile and tablet are going to suffer from all the stuff I end up sending to them. Ha!

Simon Kassianides on Pearson


Pearson – “The Deputy Mayor” – This episode saw some great Nick D’Amato moments. Simon was so fantastic, especially in that confessional scene. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that kind of emotion from him in a role. I cannot wait to see more. Yes, this show is worth 1) staying up past my bedtime and 2) watching ads. Watch it!

The Boys – We are slow watching this Amazon Prime show. It’s good! Karl Urban looks like he’s having so much fun. It’s a crazy show to be sure. Watch it!


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – I’m still writing this but it’s a slow go now. I’ve written almost 80k words. Yowsa! I might use the female character for my November story. She has some good back story that could possibly go 50k words. I’m still having fun writing these characters, as ridiculous as the story is.


August is such a hard month at work. NO DAYS OFF! Well, I’m taking a day off for a concert but this month is still a chore work-wise. Such a drag sometimes…

I found out that someone I worked with died. Not sure how, she was found. I hadn’t talked to her in a long time but it makes me sad to think she’s gone from the world. What had her life been after I left our common work place?…