TWITL – week thirty-eight –

when forever calls
heed the whisper of its song
beckoning your hear

Simon Kassianiades as Nick D’Amato on Pearson


Pearson – “The Fixer” – The last episode of the season planted the seeds for more drama and we don’t even know if we’re getting a second season! Fingers crossed that we do because I want to know what happens to Nick D’Amato (Simon Kassianides). If you haven’t watched it yet, go on and stream it at USA Network, spread the love on social media, and say hey to the actors to show your support. I’m obviously a Simon fan but I think all the actors have done a fantastic job with their roles. I want a second season!

Cape Town – You can find this show on Amazon Prime. The hubby pressed play on this one and it’s rather intriguing. It’s set in Cape Town (hence the title) so we get lots of South African accents. Boris Kodjoe is one of the cast (he’s the only one I recognized). The show is from 2016 but it’s pretty interesting. It’s also pretty cool watching a show set in Cape Town.

this week's nine
apparently I posted a lot of Jack Whitehall recently…


NBC Sports is charging an exorbitant amount of money for the whole RWC 2019 streaming package so I’m going to depend on watching different matches on cable. I was able to watch Australia vs. Fiji the other night. Of course the match I wanted to watch was not available on cable and if I wanted to pay to watch it, it would have cost me $30. As amazing as the match was (New Zealand vs. South Africa), I wasn’t going to pay that much. My best hope for watching the All Blacks is for them to run deep into the RWC (which should happen). The USA team will play their first match against England. Hopefully the Eagles can hold their own. We shall see…

Travels with My Father


Out of curiosity, I decided to tally the word counts of the stories I’ve written. I have a spreadsheet from stories since 2006 and it was easy to add a column for word counts. After a little bit, it looks like I’ve written almost 1 million words for my stories. Is that a decent number of words? I feel like it is considering I’m a free time sort of writer.

“I’ll Dream of You Again” – I keep thinking of more I want to write for these two characters and I think it’s really going to end up being more episodic than anything. I figure I’ll keep writing until I’m at a good place to end.

National Novel Writing Month 2019 – I’m not sure what I’m going to do for my November novel. I’m really leaning on using the characters I’m currently writing and doing their prequel. I need to figure out if I’m going to write the prequel in third person or first person. It’s something I need to really ponder…


Tyler Rich married his love Sabina Gadecki on Friday, September 20th. I am so very happy for them and posted on my IG: