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TWITL – week thirty-five – the long weekend

the days will soon cool
but summer will not let go
without heated lulls

Yes for the long weekend! Yes to the lazy days! It’s September now, which signals cooler days to me but I know that living where we live, the cooler days will be lucky to happen before the end of the month.

Simon Kassianides on Pearson


Pearson – “The Immigration Lawyer” – Who knew that I’d like this show enough to watch it in real time with commercials and all? (The only other show I watch in real time is Blindspot and that’s definitely because Sullivan Stapleton is my top favorite.) This past Wednesday’s episode was another good one, especially on the Nick D’Amato (Simon Kassianides) front. Every time Simon is on screen, he makes the most of it. He might not speak much but when he does, his words have weight. I would definitely recommend this show and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for everyone in the coming episodes…

Travels with My Father
I must know why the Whitehalls are thusly dressed…

Travels with My Father – The trailer for the third series of this show dropped this week and it looks like a freakin’ hoot. Jack Whitehall and his father Michael travel the US and I will freak out if they came close to my part of the California. Seriously. The third series is live on September 6th. Guess what I’ll be doing next weekend!

Jack Whitehall
Jack Whitehall on A League of Their Own

A League of Their Own – I have the British game show on my list of things to watch because (surprise) Jack Whitehall was on that latest episode. I will be doing screencaps, of course, because doing screencaps of Jack Whitehall is my fangirl life right now.

The new chromebook
my new Chromebook


So, it was time for a new Chromebook. My first one was getting rather long in the tooth. First the keyboard’s space bar worked only if one side was hit just the right way. Second, the Chromebook warned me that the current security update was the last update it would be receiving and that it might be time for a new Chromebook. Yes, my Chromebook suggested that I get a new Chromebook. At least it was honest?

A bit of research and an eye on price led to my new Chromebook. I’ve had it for about a day and I am liking it quite a bit. I can download Android apps to this device, which so far has been a hit and miss sort of thing. For instance, I can download Instagram but I can’t log in to the app. I’ve deleted it and tried at least five times now and no go. Alas!

My new Chromebook can bend around to become a tablet, which I don’t really need since I have an iPad but it’s pretty handy nonetheless. And yes, that means that my Chromebook has a touchscreen, which of course will mess me up when I use regular computers that are not touchscreen. Ha!

As much as I’d love a fancier laptop, the Chromebook does exactly what I want and need it to do. I have other devices to round out my digital life. (Probably too many devices?) This one fills the need with writing on the go with a keyboard and more desktop experience. Plus the battery is supposedly 10 hours (which I should never really need)…

Tablet tent
tent style


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – Yes, I’m still writing this story. It’s over 90,000 words (my longest story EVER) and I’m not even finished yet. I think when I get to the editing stage, I’m going to end up breaking the story into two or three acts. It’s a super ridiculous story but I am so enjoying writing it. It does make me wonder if I’ll have enough to write the 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month, which is just two months away. I am thinking of writing a prequel of sorts to this current story because I do adore the characters a lot and I’d love to explain their backstories. Can I stretch their stories before they meet (again) to 50,000 words?

my last nine IG posts
my last nine IG posts


So I’ve taken to posting my IG with a pattern. You see it, don’t you? My IG is unabashedly fangirl centric at this point. I cannot help it. I will say that as much as I post Jack Whitehall (and it’s pretty much every day except one weekend day), I get the most hits for Sullivan Stapleton. He gets more likes than Jack and Simon and even Henry. It’s interesting to me. I almost forgot that if I want a little lift via social media, post a shot of Sully…