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TWITL – week thirty-nine – I will break your heart

I will break your heart
promising you forever
as I walk away

The Nine this week
the pattern this past week

The calendar says it’s autumn and the weather is almost complying. I’m looking forward to wearing my boots and finally sporting that cool jacket vest. Maybe it’ll happen in couple of weeks…

Graham Norton Show
Jack on The Graham Norton Show


National Novel Writing Month 2019 – I’m starting to plot my November novel and I think it’s going to be a prequel to my current story. It’s going to be the main female’s story but I might make the main male be the frame of the story. We shall see. I want him to be part of the story even though he’s not (so far) an active character for it. I took a quiz on what kind of plotter I am and ended up with a nine point outline template. It’s not going to be quite a happy ending sort of story, so that could be interesting. The working title of the story right now is “Never Be Sorry,” which is the title of an Old Dominion song on their upcoming album. I’m wondering if I want to write the story in third person or first person. Would it be weird to write the story in third person when its sequel is in first person?..

“I’ll Dream of You Again” – This story might be close to its end. I have a lot of ideas for how I want the whole story to look and even when I think it’s over, it might not be. If I do anything with it, it’s going to end up getting divided into a few stories that are connected by the characters. I really do love the characters so much and I just want to keep writing them…


Happy Birthday Sabina
HBD Mrs. Rich

Saturday the 28th was Sabina’s birthday and I posted to my IG because I just adore her so much. She really is the sweetest ever and I always love when we see each other. When we take pictures together, it’s always a cute shot (mostly because of her). I’m so glad that she and Tyler found each other because they are just so adorable together. Love her!

This past week I didn’t have to stay up past my bedtime to watch Pearson and I was a little sad about it. I rather liked my weekly dose of Simon Kassianides. I hope the show gets a second season because I want to know more and I want to see more Simon on my tv.

Jack Whitehall finished filming his latest movie and is back in England to prep for his UK tour. I am rather jealous of all the people who will get to see him in the next few months. He was on The Graham Norton Show the other night and thank goodness for YouTube because I was able to watch the show. As always, he’s a treat to watch. I love how he makes me laugh. He’s often quite ridiculous.

Ed Quinn (when was the last time I mentioned him?!) is next on a show called The Oval. He plays the President in this BET show and I think I might have to watch it. I mean, if I watched Pearson for Simon, shouldn’t I watch The Oval for Ed?


My upcoming days off coincide with rugby matches that I can watch on tv. I’ve watched two matches so far and I’m looking forward to watching more. I think I’ll be able to watch my All Blacks next week. We shall see! I wish I could have watched the match between Japan and Ireland. Ireland is ranked number one in the world standings and Japan beat them in their match. I would have loved to have seen that!