TWITL – week forty – maybe now it’s time

maybe now it’s time
to step away, let you go
say good bye to you

this nine
a pleasing pattern

I was going to post a “break up” letter for this week’s TWITL but I think it’s going to be a separate post because it’s a lot of words and deserves its own entry. The “break up” is with one of my fellas, specifically the one I called Listworthy5 in a previous post. I’ve had a few people read it and one of the things they all agreed on was that I should actually name Listworthy5. Even though I’m leaning towards doing so, a little part of me hesitates because it seems a little unnecessary. But truly, I do want him to know. He probably won’t read it but perhaps someone he knows will. Better yet, maybe fellow fans of his will read it and gain just a touch of insight.

I was compelled to write the break up letter after his “official” fan page published the first part of another interview with him and he promoted it, complimenting the interviewer as someone with a “kind heart” and “gentle spirit.” This is utter and complete BULLSHIT and my anger just sparked again about the whole situation. The letter is utterly melodramatic but feelings are feelings and I’m feeling them. I am definitely feeling some wonder at why I waste my time posting anything on him but I’m at the stubborn stage, trying to stay on the high road…

I love how Jack makes me laugh...


I’ve been “Kiari” online for over twenty years, starting on AOL then eventually buying Whenever something new starts online and we’re allowed profile names, my first choice (after my actual name) is always Kiari. I wasn’t quick enough on Twitter (where I’m “walelia”) but I was quick enough for Instagram, back in March 2011. In the last year or so, I’ve had people direct message me on IG, asking for the profile name because they are actually named Kiari. Of course, they are not happy when I decline to change my IG name so that they can have it. The latest Kiari, some young woman from New York, asked me the other day if she could have the profile name. I declined. She offered me $500 and I declined. She told me to name my price; I told her the name was not for sale. She said that now she’d have to do it the hard way. When I asked her why she would do that, she replied, “Because. KIARI is my actual name. I deserve that @.” I advised her that it’s first come, first served in social media and she replied:

there can not be multiple of the @ name “Kiari” I want that one. I asked politely and I offered you money. Like I said the hard way it will be. Thank you for your time

as messaged to me on IG

So, does that sound like a threat to you? Also, what is the “hard way” to get an IG name?

A quick internet search narrowed the possibility to a young woman who is either a high school student or recent graduate. If this is indeed her, I have been “Kiari” online for longer than she’s been ALIVE. I’m curious, what makes her think I should say yes just because she asked politely and offered me money? The name is not for sale. How hard is that to understand? I wonder a bit what her next step will be. Also, if she is really that young, where exactly was she getting $500 to pay me for the name? (I know, she was probably not actually going to pay me.)

me in that jacket vest
OMG, love this jacket vest!!!


Yes, it was cool enough early in the week for me to wear my jacket vest! OMG, I love it so much. I love the story of how I got it (THANK YOU, CC!!!) and I love all the pockets. I love that it fits and I love that it matches my clothes. I love that it came from a place that served as the filming location of two shows that had such an impact on my life. I love that the person who sent it to me was so very kind to do so in the first place. I don’t think I can ever thank him enough.

Rugby World Cup – I was able to watch the All Blacks this weekend. YES! They won and with a side shuffled around in terms of players. Namibia played a great 30 minutes but then the All Blacks got their stuff together. They won 71-9. Yah!

Speaking of rugby… I followed a link from World Rugby Shop regarding a sale and saw that the Crusaders jersey was half off. How could I resist? Well, I couldn’t resist— I bought it! Yes, I’m going to have a Super Rugby jersey. So excited! It’ll be my first Super Rugby gear.

new hair cut
new hair cut

Got the hair cut today (Sunday). She styled it rather nicely and I’m sure I won’t be able to duplicate it but I’m glad to have a new cut.


National Novel Writing Month – I *think* I know what I’m going to write for next month. Since I adore my current characters so much, I’m going to write about them. I’ve been trying to figure out how to insert the main male character into the story since I’ve been envisioning the story as more about her than him and I might have figured it out. He won’t be as active a character but he’ll be there, just out of reach. Or maybe I’ll write his part as well, have it be two separate stories of sorts. Hmmm…


My Uncle Jim died last week. His services will be this coming Friday. I’m sad that he’s gone but also feel that he’s free from pain. I imagine he’s smoking a cigarette and having a beer while playing poker. He was a big Raider fan and had one more chance to watch them win before he passed. I hope that being surrounded by his family eased his way from this world…