TWITL – week forty-three – you’re just a dream I had

you’re just this dream I had
a notion, a perception
a breath I took
among countless breaths
you’re just this dream I had
perfection that wouldn’t last
a memory, a glow
the last thing to remember
you’re just this dream I had
the first hello
the last good-bye
the longing in a kiss
you’re just this dream I had

a pattern in the nine
you see it, right?

Sometimes the poems just come to me and I can only write them. Maybe the words mean nothing to me but perhaps they mean something to you, dear reader.


So apparently favorites of mine decided October 25th was the day to make me a little bit lighter in the wallet. Two I knew and two were a surprise! I recommend them all because I love these artists/groups and music is magic.

“Rather Be Us” – The latest from Tyler Rich has such a great feel musically and the lyrics are once again right to the heart. I love it already because how could I not?

“Trouble Town” – This one from Jordan Davis didn’t make the cut on his debut album, Home State, but it’s out in the world now and what a song! I’m loving it!

Old Dominion – Old Dominion’s self titled third album is finally live with all the tracks. I pre-ordered it because I just had to have it and I knew I’d love every song. They released a few songs ahead of time and I loved them all and now I’m listening to the album and all the new songs I haven’t heard before sound so good! This is an album that’s going on repeat.

True Love – Harry Connick Jr. has released a whole album of Cole Porter songs and I am so there for it! I pre-ordered this one as well because Harry is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES. He just got his Hollywood star right near Cole Porter’s– how awesome is that? Yes, big band type jazz is my most favorite music. The old soul in me loves that kind of music and if I’m not listening to country, jazz always is the choice.

other music of note:

“Kinfolks” – Sam Hunt – Have I mentioned this one yet? This song came out a couple of weeks ago and it’s pretty good. I like it but I’m pretty much conditioned to like all of Sam’s songs.

“Sounds of Someday” – Radio Company – I pre-ordered the album Vol. 1 by Radio Company because I’ve always liked Jensen Ackles and this will be his debut album with Steve Carlson. The first song available has a good vibe and I look forward to the rest of the album…

the leather bracelet is pretty old
this leather bracelet is from the late 90s…


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – I might be almost finished with this one! I think in my head I need to feel as though I’m finished with it because I should really be prepping for National Novel Writing Month. I’m nearing a natural end to the novel although I do know what happens to the characters after this end. So maybe it’s not really the end? Maybe I’ll write a sequel to it…

National Novel Writing Month – At this very moment, I’m planning on my November novel to be the prequel to my current story. I adore the characters so much that I want to write more of them. It will be a challenge because the characters won’t be in physical proximity to one another for most of the story and it will end on an ambiguous note of sorts. Part of me wants to frame the story with the present so that it’s not as ambiguous as it’ll end. We shall see…