TWITL – week forty-two – HS reunion

Saturday was my 30th high school reunion. Class of 1989, Arroyo High School!

First of all, it’s been 30 years since I graduated from high school?! Seriously, where has time gone? It just doesn’t seem like that long ago but the years are really thirty between graduation and now. Crazy! I’ve gone to all my reunions and it’s always, “Where has the time gone?!” I don’t keep in touch with but a few of my former classmates but we have FB , which is one of the very few blessings of FB at this rate. So it’s not totally surprising to see everyone in person again but it’s still crazy to consider how we all knew each other when we were all young pups.

with Frank

I haven’t seen my friend Frank for DECADES. This was his first reunion and he’s one of the ones I’m glad is on FB. It was so wonderful seeing him! He was my best guy friend when we were in high school and I remember talking with him about all kinds of stuff back then. I adore him so much and I’m glad we had a few moments to talk.

It was so lovely seeing everyone at the reunion and I was a little impressed with myself for knowing a lot of names with the faces. Ha! What was even better was being remembered by a lot of my classmates. It was great talking with everyone and hearing more about their lives besides what they post online. I had some heartfelt moments with a few and I was glad we could talk a bit more in depth about stuff.

we've basically known each other forever
with Larry

I am so thankful that my friend Larry organized the event for us. It was perfect to me– casual and easy with drinks and food if we wanted. The night air was lovely and the company was even better. I have known Larry since elementary school, so that means basically forever, right? I still remember the little boy, the teen, the young man. Oh wow, he could remember me the same way, eh? Ha!

To my fellow Dons– it was amazing seeing everyone and having a chance to talk and catch up. I hope we do these more frequently because it’s very cool seeing friends and classmates. And it’s wonderful we all made the time to get together and share some memories while making new ones…