poetry, TWITL

TWITL – week fifty – riding along with the flow

sometimes it’s nothing
riding along with the flow
watching scenes roll by

the pattern
the most recent nine

I’m late posting this because we had a busy weekend that really started on Friday night. We had a holiday dinner for the hubby’s work at Sweeney’s. Great food, good drinks, and lovely company. I had a good time and walked away with a cool gift from the white elephant exchange.

Friday night

Saturday was the holiday parade downtown. Good times, lots of fun floats. We sat at our usual spot in front of the wine bar. It was pretty brisk outside and thank goodness the weather held up and the rain fell AFTER the parade was over.

the holiday parade
during the holiday parade…

Sunday we headed out on a party bus for a day at the race tracks. More fun times! The weather was clear but very cool. We watched a lot of the day’s races and even got to down and see the horses. We didn’t win anything but it was a fun day spent with lovely people.

horses racing
Sunday at the races

Now it’s Monday and Christmas is just over a week from today. I’m watching While You Were Sleeping right now and it’s still one of my favorites even if I’m not quite paying attention to it…

Sunday at the track