TWITL – weeks 45, 46, 47, 48 aka TMITL November 2019

Welcome to December! National Novel Writing Month 2019 was a success for me. I hit the 50k word count on November 25 and finished the story the next day. It was a little strange to write a prequel but it does give me more background and direction to the main story (the one I started in June). I enjoy the characters so much and now I’m going to go through the main story and do a re-write because I wrote the prequel in third person and the main story in first person. The re-write includes changing from first person to third person. I also need to work on refining the timeline.

NaNoWriMo 2019

The random things I remember from November (besides writing every day):

  • We went to the Apple Store in Walnut Creek early in the month to buy a new Apple Watch (but not for me!) and there were so many people there! I love checking out the new stuff though and holding the devices in hand. I’m glad that I don’t want the new iPhone because I know I’ll want the next one and I’m trying to hold on to my devices for longer…
  • During our jaunt that way, we stopped at the Fry’s store in Concord and WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?! The store looked like it was on its last legs. The merchandise looked like leftovers. Nothing was where I remembered it and it absolutely looked like they would be having a clearance sale. On our way out, we asked the fella at the exit if the store was closing and he gave an absolute negative. It felt like lies but apparently that’s the company line. I felt a little sad about Fry’s. I remember going to that store in different locations and always being rather enthralled by the experience. Now, it just seems like the dying shell of the store. Alas.
  • We attended the birthday party of our friend and his one year old (his boy was born on his birthday!) and it was fun. It was a good time and I think the little one had fun.
  • We had a quiet Thanksgiving at home then a second Thanksgiving this past weekend at my cousin’s house. It was great! I love hanging out with my cousins and chatting and eating (so much eating).
This pattern
still making the pattern


  • The Mandalorian – This show is pretty much the reason why we have Disney+ right now and it’s worth it right now. The Child is pretty much my reason for watching the show. SO CUTE!!! The pace of the show works for me and it looks great and I’m hooked.
  • Watchmen – A rather amazing show and I don’t think I can recommend it enough. I’ve read the graphic novel but it was so long ago and I have watched the movie but the show is such a great adaptation of the source material. I look forward to every episode. (ETA: OMG, episode seven!!!)
  • Prodigal Son – Still digging this show. I love mysteries and crime stories and this one has a great arc as well. It sort of sucks to be hooked by a network show but there it is.
  • Emergence – The little girl creeps me out but I am duly hooked by this show as well. It’s rather intriguing and I wonder where the story will lead us.
mmm, lumpia
lumpia for second Thankgiving


  • I’m finding it slightly annoying to be tagged on IG by strangers when they mean that rapper whose real name is Kiari. But I suppose it’s better than being threatened by entitled children who want my profile name?
  • Totally still fangirling for Jack Whitehall and absolutely jealous of all the people who get to see him while he’s on his comedy show tour. If I could, I’d go to a Jack Whitehall show.
  • I just realized the other day that we’re heading toward the end of the 2010s. WHERE HAS TIME GONE?!
with baby boy K
with baby boy K