TWITL – week four – when it’s time

It’s Sunday as I write and the news today was the helicopter crash that took the lives of nine people. Such heartbreaking, gut wrenching news. I cried as we watched the early reports. All these thoughts whirled but putting them to words seems so inadequate. My heart to the families who lost their loved ones…

I have too much fun with the pattern…


October Faction (Netflix) – We binge-watched this show today and wow! We were hooked hard with this one and just kept watching until we got to the end. I’d definitely recommend it. I hope it gets a second season!

Star Trek: Picard – As much as I love the Kelvin reboot of Kirk’s crew for Star Trek, TNG is my Star Trek and Picard is my Captain. The first episode of this new series had just enough of everything in it for me to want more. It had the right mix of nostalgia and intrigue and I cannot wait to see where this goes…

The Outsider (HBO) – I’m enjoying this series a lot. I love the mystery and intrigue and I don’t mind waiting a week between episodes.


Freaks – The movie was on sale and we bought it. I mostly wanted to see it because of Aleks Paunovic (he had a small part but a good one!) and I was glad that the movie was a good watch. We seem to be on a supernatural bend and I do not mind at all.


I had to play the Dolly Parton Challenge. It was fun finding the pictures to use and since the group shot playing “Facebook” turned twenty-one on Friday, I just had to share it in something besides my IG story. The other shots are semi-recent selfies, all filtered because of course they are.

It’s time to go to bed and rev up for the week ahead. What thoughts will go through my head as I try to sleep? Perhaps death’s melancholy and the sorrow in its wake will lull me. I’ll probably try to counter with the stories I have in my head that I want to write. Maybe I’ll focus on the music I’ll play, letting the notes drift into my dreams…