TWITL – week three – jumble of days

I woke every day this week not remembering what day of the week it was. I woke up on Monday thinking it was something like Thursday and so on. The only reason I knew it wasn’t Friday was because I wasn’t wearing jeans. When it was finally Friday, the morning passed like a Monday morning (super fast). All in all, a freakin’ confusing week.

one foggy morning
I do like the fog…


In The Shadow of the Moon (Netflix) – This movie caught my eye so many times (mostly because of the title) and the hubby pressed play on it. It was an interesting take on time travel along with crime work, etc. The time travel aspect, especially the ending, was certainly a head scratcher and for me it didn’t quite stick. Did the time travel create a new timeline? Is this why she had to keep going back, so as not to affect her actual existence?

Niner gear
wearing my Niner gear


The San Francisco 49ers are NFC Champions!!! We watched at our friends’ house so I paid more attention than I did for last week’s game. I even wore my Jimmy G. jersey! I was so glad they won. It took me a moment to realize that THEY’RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL. WOOHOO!!!

episode 6
The Witcher

I’ve screencapped Henry Cavill as Geralt on The Witcher through six episodes. I’ve started posting some of them to my IG, breaking up the Jack Whitehall love fest I have going on there. It brings me joy doing screencaps of one of my favorites and even better that it’s a fantasy show. After I sceencap all the episodes, I’m going to watch the series over again. Yes, I like it that much…

RANDOM MUSINGS – bullet style

  • My nails are getting too long to type yet I’m going with them for now. I wonder when one of them will break. It’ll happen…
  • I had the Impossible Whopper at Burger King and I actually didn’t mind it. I found it tastier than the Beyond Burger offered at Carl’s Jr. but the Impossible Whopper doesn’t taste like a regular Whopper. I would probably order an Impossible Whopper again.
  • I had sushi on Monday night and it was so good! I need to eat sushi more often because when it’s good, it is so good…
  • The weather was cold again this week and I rather liked it. We had a storm one day that lasted until just before the end of my work day. I didn’t mind the gloom…
Christmas with My Father
Jack, just because…