TWITL – week two – a long winter week

It was the first week after winter break and lo, it felt like the longest week EVER. For some reason, the cold I thought I’d beaten during break came back to spend time with me as the routine of work once more began. Thankfully it was more annoying than anything. Oh, and I could still taste my food. So important!

The fangirl melodrama that I promised myself I would post…

I finally posted that break up letter to one of my fellas. I spent a lot of time on it and I felt it was time to go ahead and publish it. I have no idea if he will read it (how could he, unless someone points it out to him) but I like that it’s out there.

I wouldn’t normally so publicly “break-up” with one of my fellas (and though he’s unnamed in the letter, it shouldn’t take too much to figure out who he is), but in this case, because of the personal aspect of the situation, I felt I needed to say something even though I’m still part of the fan group mentioned in the letter. At this point, I still do my part for the group because the fans appreciate it…

This Particular Muse
no, not breaking up with this one…

My thing for Jack Whitehall is still going strong. His tour just ended the other day so I wonder if that means a slow down of seeing him or things related to him online. I hope his Stood Up tour ends up being a special on Netflix because I want to hear the new jokes. I have lots to screencaps so that I can continue my Monday through Friday with optional weekend postings of him on my Instagram. I should seriously just create a fan IG for him but I am not ready to do such a thing.

Pattern 9
the usual pattern


The Tyrant’s Tomb – Rick Riordan
The fourth book of the Trials of Apollo series was a good installment. This one was set in the Bay Area, so it was nice to have a bit more context about the places mentioned. I’m glad that I’ve read the other series in the same universe as it gives me more background on the places and secondary characters. Poor Lester, he’s so exhausted and really feeling quite mortal. I wonder if Apollo, should he regain his godhood, will keep the lessons to heart…


Dracula (Netflix) – BRILLIANT mini-series! We watched all the episodes in one sitting and I really liked it! I loved that they brought Dracula to the modern world but I wasn’t too keen on some of the story in that third episode. I really just didn’t care about the Lucy character and found her to be less fleshed out than the other characters. Maybe that was the point?


The 49ers won their game over the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday. Super sweet! I know, I don’t talk about football much, but I do support the 49ers and have supported them since I was a kid. I am looking forward to next week’s game. Not sure who they’re playing yet but I think the Niners can take either of them…

Friday evening
Friday night


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – The re-write is a slow process but I’m working on it. I’m trying to be a bit more organized with the story, along with the whole changing of the point of view. Part of me wonders why I’m so focused on this particular story but I consider it a good thing to still feel inspired to write it. But will I let anyone read it?