TWITL – week nine – the extra day

Let’s see if I actually post this on the 29th of February. I can’t seem to post on Saturdays but I’m going to at least start this post on the extra day of the year.

Why does it feel like spring already? Well, perhaps not today, but this past week the temperatures went up to the 70s and one day, I didn’t wear boots. (Boots are part of my winter wear, especially since I wear skirts to work.) I’m not ready for spring! But it’s coming, even if it’s early according to the calendar. And I am looking forward to the Farmers Market opening up next weekend. I want to try and go more often than we did last year. It’s good to get out of the house, walk, buy a zombie, then eat it with a mimosa or two.


Star Trek: Picard – I am very much enjoying this show and the latest episode offered the most awkward set up to steamy time that I have ever witnessed. I’m very glad they didn’t show the actual steamy time because upon further reflection, I don’t think that was the point of the whole exchange. I think it was to show how this one character could offer comfort as they did in a different way later in the episode. (I’m keeping it neutral in case anyone actually reads this and doesn’t want spoilers too detailed.) The hubby asked me after we finished watching the episode why I had to watch this particular series and not, say, Discovery. Why did I need to watch Picard?

I thought about it and answered in inelegant terms that Star Trek: The Next Generation is my Star Trek, therefore Picard is “my” captain. As much as I like the other series, from TOS to even Enterprise, TNG holds a very place in my heart for various reasons. I read a lot of TOS novels (I think I prefer them to the show, TBH) but I also read a lot of TNG novels and even if they didn’t quite tie into the action on the series, they still offered a bit more insight to the characters I watched and adored. As much as I enjoyed that free episode of Discovery (so well done on all fronts), I felt like (and still feel) that CBS is doing a great disservice to the whole philosophy of Star Trek (as I see it) by making the show exclusive as opposed to inclusive. You can only watch Discovery and Picard on CBS All Access or wait until their respective seasons are over so that you can purchase the shows. They are not streamed on any other services, even after they’ve been aired. It’s such a money grab that I’m sure is working for them but it rankles me as a Star Trek fan.

I make the effort, however, for Picard. What began as part nostalgia and part curiosity has turned into true regard for the show. I think everyone should watch it. It’s not like any other Star Trek show before it and that’s a good thing…

Bonus – a cool crew on Picard

Bonus on Picard— his crew is pretty cool. Michelle Hurd is always amazing, Allison Pill makes me want to hug and punch her at the same time, Evan Evagora as the young Romulan is a treat, and Santiago Cabrera gives me hope that I can still fangirl over age appropriate men. (Not that I’m super fangirling him. At the moment. I’m just… appreciative…) On the Artifact, I am digging Harry Treadaway and Isa Briones is rather captivating…


Southside – Sam Hunt (pre-order)
I thought about holding off on pre-ordering this album but when I saw that I already have half of the album as singles and my cost for the album was reduced because of that, I clicked that pre-order button. How could I not?

Star Trek: Picard – Jeff Russo (soundtrack)
The music from the series is haunting and I give it a listen in quiet moments. I’m listening through Apple Music but I might just have to bite the bullet and buy the soundtrack because I really do dig the music…


Jack as Newt
Jack as Newt Pulsifer on Good Omens

I finished screencapping Jack Whitehall on Good Omens, which means I can re-watch the show! The whole time I was screencapping, I looked at Jack and wondered how his goofy but adorable portrayal of Newt Pulsifer hooked me enough to do the whole fangirl thing for him. I mean, look at him. He’s so awkward as Newt and yet I thought he had something enough to pique my interest. And here we are.

the pattern
the latest pattern nine


I’m not ready for spring. I want to shiver a little still in winter, wear my sweaters and my boots and my jackets. I want to drink my Pinot Noirs and stouts. I want to relish the feel of being warm in my blankets. I am so not ready for spring…

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