TWITL – week eleven – the world keeps spinning

Let’s get this out of the way– I am freaking out about COVID-19. I read too much stuff on social media (some of it comforting, some of it alarming), my personal chats online range from conjectures to practical advice, I’m worrying about the local businesses out there. Our schools are on spring break, something that was already on the books, so for the time being, our district can take a breath and make a plan without worrying about the routine concerns of usual school days. If school stays closed, we’ll still be expected to work and that’s actually not a bad thing. I’m very grateful that I’ll still have something to do even if other people might not.

On the personal front, Tyler’s show was postponed and a refund was issued for my tickets. We cancelled our hotel reservation. The whole thing is such a bummer but it must be done. My next concern is the Jack Whitehall show in May. Will that show get postponed as well? The next few weeks will give us a clearer picture, I’m sure. I hope it doesn’t get postponed but I won’t be surprised if it does.

Now, what brought me some pleasure this past week?

a still from Star Trek: Picard
Santiago Cabrera on Star Trek: Picard


Star Trek: Picard – “Broken Pieces” – I am so captivated by this show. It’s as if it’s seeping into my soul and I am lulled by everything about it. Every character has moved me in so many different ways. It’s much too easy to focus on Santiago Cabrera and his portrayal of Rios and his EH crew. He is a joy to watch whichever character he’s playing and I am so hooked. One of my friends calls him “riveting” and that is a perfect description of him. Truly though, the whole show is amazing. I cannot recommend it enough…

Westworld – The show is back! It’s been awhile and we had to watch a couple of recaps to get into the groove. The season premiered offered some interesting bits and I’m duly impatient for the next episode. I’m very curious about Aaron Paul’s character…


Joker – It’s on sale digitally so we clicked “buy” on it. I’m not sure how I feel about the movie. It was interesting. I had read much about it when it was released. I knew I would eventually watch it but I wasn’t sure that I would like it. Joaquin Phoenix was good in it but the story was disturbing and dreary.

Hobbs & Shaw – This one was also on sale digitally. I didn’t mind this movie. Lots of action and such plus IDRIS ELBA. Isn’t that enough to make you want to watch? It is for me! I liked the movie well enough. It was a fun couple of hours.


Anansi Boys – Neil Gaiman – I am slowly going through Neil Gaiman’s books and I finally got to this one. I enjoyed it! I love the weaving of old stories into modern times and I am always intrigued by the gods living amongst us…

the latest pattern
this pattern


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – I am still doing the re-write on this one. The plot needs to be tightened and perhaps the story broken up into distinct parts. I tell you, it’s not easy going back over a story and changing the point of view but it does give me a chance to take out bits that don’t work. I do love spending so much time with these characters. I wonder if the coming days will give me opportunities to really delve into the story…

Jack in an ad
Jack in an ad


I am striving for some balance but it’s a little difficult right now. I don’t like this unsettled feeling and it’s taking a lot to keep the panic at bay. I don’t like the stress. It’s annoying and uncomfortable. So if I want to concentrate on the positive, I will. I want to focus on my writing or watch shows that will take my mind off of what’s going on in the world. There’s nothing to be done. We’re supposed to stay home, to isolate ourselves. It’s natural to worry but if there’s nothing we can really do about it, why let it paralyze us?

I keep telling myself this– we need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of each other. Be kind, be diligent, be mindful. We will get through this…