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TWITL – week ten – the drag of the days

On Wednesday, I thought it was Thursday. Don’t you hate that? It made my week drag, leaving me rather resigned. But now I realize that my Friday went by in splendid fashion so I can’t really complain…

the pattern
sometimes the pattern is tweaked…


Star Trek: Picard – My favorite Star Trek character is Deanna Troi, so I was so happy to see her and Riker in “Nepenthe.” It wasn’t exactly happy times but it was nice seeing where they are in this “present” day. The action is moving along along with so many character moments. I just love it…

And do people like Star Trek: Picard or Santiago Cabrera or just both? I posted another filtered screenshot of Santiago and it has become the most liked post of mine for 2020 (so far). I think I’ll have to post him sparingly if I don’t want my best nine to be all him and Sully.


Jack Whitehall - The Orpheum Theatre
Jack Whitehall is headlining The Orpheum Theatre on May 2nd

Jack Whitehall – On Monday, Jack posted about the Netflix is A Joke Fest and when I saw that he would be headlining the May 2nd show, my interest was definitely piqued. What were the chances that he would be performing in California the day before my birthday? I know, total coincidence, but I like to think that Fate is nudging me. When the tickets went on sale the next day, I was of course tempted to take a look at the prices and they were relatively affordable. Why did they have to be affordable?! Of course, I clicked on the “buy” button and now we have plans for my birthday weekend. I am so very much hoping that Jack is doing a meet and greet and that I get to meet him. Wouldn’t that be icing on my birthday weekend? ICING.


new hair cut
new hair cut!

My salon posted an IG story offering a complimentary hair cut from a trainee stylist and I offered my services. I didn’t hear anything for a couple of days and then on Friday a DM came through, asking if I was available that day. I was not so they offered me Saturday afternoon with Simone. How could I say no to a complimentary cut? She did a great job and was so sweet about how easy my hair was. I love the fresh cut! Hopefully I can somewhat replicate the style when I have to fix it myself…

It’s Sunday evening and we lost that hour overnight. The good thing about napping and not having a schedule during the weekend is that it’s harder to notice things like the time change.

One more week and then it’s two weeks of spring break for the kids out this way. I’m going to take some time off during the break AND in the middle of it, we get to see Tyler! Can’t wait, should be fun times.

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