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TWITL – week thirteen – the way days blur

I’m not sure why I didn’t start this post during the weekend. Then again, what is a weekend when you spend everyday at home? The days have really just blurred together and every time I think about what day it might be, I have to confirm by asking the hubby or looking at the calendar. Small things compared to the rest of this whole situation.

It’s not so hard, is it, adhering to the shelter in place order? It seems like such a small thing for all of us to do to get flatten the curve. You can still go outside for short bits for exercise and such, as long as you do the social distancing. Why do people think we can’t or shouldn’t do all that we can to get through this?

the pattern
the pattern

As you can see from the above picture, I screencapped William Gregory Lee and Charles Mesure and featured them on my IG. To my delight, Charles received a more than fair amount of likes. Who knew so many people had great taste? At the very least, Greg and Charles provided some variety to my IG. Love that!

the day I went to work
work face

So I go back to work on Wednesday. I’m not sure what that will look like but I think first off, I’m going to wear jeans with the thought that we won’t be open to the public. I do have a fair amount of work on my desk right now and it will definitely keep me busy for the coming days. I did go in one day last week for a few hours. It wasn’t so bad since no one was in my building. I practiced my social distancing when I did go to the front building for couple of things. It was nice to speak with a couple of my co-workers.

season one finale of Picard
Santiago Cabrera on Star Trek Picard


Star Trek: Picard – The first season finale aired. I thought it was a good ending and my favorite scene made me almost cry. I thought it was a proper end to one of the characters (I won’t say who just in case). On the whole, I found the first season of Picard to be immensely satisfying. I enjoyed it very much even though it’s different from TNG, which is my favorite Star Trek series. My heart will always be with that series but I am looking forward to next adventures.

Tiger King (Netflix) – I kept seeing people I follow talking about this show and we decided to watch it. By the end of it, I thought, WHAT THE HELL DID WE JUST WATCH?! Yes, it was entertaining. Yes, it was a train wreck. Yes, we couldn’t stop watching. The CRAZY thing was seeing someone familiar in episode 4. If you know, you know… None of the “main” people featured were particularly sympathetic and I kept wanting the tigers to turn on the humans. I feel like those big cats were plotting the demise of their human caretakers. You could see it in their eyes…

The English Game (Netflix) – This was an interesting mini-series about the beginnings of football (or soccer, as we call it here in the US). I thought it was well done, though it apparently takes some liberties with the timeline. Nonetheless, an enjoyable watch, especially if you like football.

The Mentalist – I’m a little sad we got to the end but I did like how it ended. It was a good show (from what I saw of it). Greg’s episode was all right. His character deserved what he got in the end. My friend is turning into a silver fox, I must say.

best nine so far
current best nine

The stuff keeping sane during this time…

  • Tyler & Sabina – The live IG stories have been so entertaining and wonderful! I love them so much. I love the acoustic sets and the Sunday brunches.
  • Simon Kassianides – Simon has been reading a poem every day and I will keep telling the world how much I love it. It’s super lovely that he’s keeping up with it and how can one resist poetry recited with an English accent? One cannot resist, especially if the one is me.
  • Jacob & Jordan Davis – They did a live IG story and it was SO GOOD. I’m so glad I caught it. I loved seeing my Jacob Davis Squad girls in the chat. And the boys sounded great. Such a treat!
  • Jack Whitehall & Jamie Redknapp – These two did a live IG story as well and the bits that I saw were great fun. I need to finish watching it because those two are a hoot.
Jack during Jamie's live IG
Jack whilst on lockdown

Baseball was supposed to start this past weekend but of course, it did not. On Opening Day, I wrote the following poem:

the stadium is empty
the air is still
the sun shines bright
the skies are clear

no churros
no nachos
no popcorn
no hot dogs

the bleachers are empty
the field untouched
the concessions shuttered
the dugouts deserted

no diamond
no bats
no gloves
no bases

the parking lot is empty
the ticket windows closed
the game is postponed
the start of the season unknown