TWITL – week twelve – sheltering in place

We have been sheltering in place since Monday. When the order came in, it felt so numbing but we had already been self isolating so it also didn’t feel so drastic. It’s stressful and lo, reading things on the internet and watching the news DOES NOT HELP. Yes, let’s be informed with the facts and recommendations on what we can do to mitigate the situation but the conjectures and the rumors and the out and out lies DO NOT HELP. Well, it doesn’t help me. I’m trying to find that balance. I don’t want to ignore what’s going on but I don’t want it to be the only thing on my mind, especially if so much of it is something I cannot control…

So what did we do this past week? Well, we did do another grocery run and our refrigerator and pantry are well stocked at this point. If people would stop hoarding and just buying what they need for a couple weeks, things would be fine. After all, no one has said you can’t go buy food and other household items. Be smart people. Be diligent. Be safe. BE KIND…

I did go in to work for a couple of hours. Not sure if I’ll be able to go in again but I do have lots of work on my desk that need tending. But since nothing can be done at this point, I’m not really in a hurry. No one can really do anything right now. It was weird to be in the office without anyone there but it was great too. No germs spread by me!

this pattern
the pattern

In this confinement, there are some bright spots. Let’s go bullet style on this:

  • Tyler Rich & his virtual Rather Be Us Tour. The real tour has been postponed (not cancelled!) and for now, Tyler has been gracing us with IG live “shows.” Wednesday was “Jammin” with Tyler and his friend Hunter Hill (music and drinks and funny stories), Friday was the live acoustic concert (so good!), and Sunday was Day Drinking with Tyler and Sabina (so fun with their various guests). The IG live sets have been a wonderful reprieve from the stress of this current situation…
  • Simon Kassianides and his daily poetry reading. Simon started reading one poem a day for his followers and I AM LOVING IT! First of all POETRY. Second of all, poetry recited in an English accent. Third, Simon reading poetry in his lovely English accent. It might just be that I’m still sweet on him (and I am, admittedly) but I love that he’s sharing his favorite poems with us. Hell, I love that he likes poetry!…
  • I’ve started writing a poem a day (again). I was inspired by Simon reading poetry every day and thought I’d do one better by writing a poem every day. I’ve been posting them to my IG story (so they disappear every day) but as I wrote this, I realized I should have highlighted them so I did! I loved writing a poem every day when I did it all those years ago so it’s interesting to start up again. Of course, the poems are super rough and when I’m a little desperate, I’ll do haikus. Maybe I’ll try other forms. I freestyle most of my poems but sometimes, if I’m particularly inspired, I rhyme…
  • Video chatting and technology in general. I was able to video chat with my sister and cousins this past weekend. Thank goodness! It was good to actually talk, as opposed to just texting or posting on social media. We talked about how our days were going, touching a little on our respective situations. It was good to touch base and I hope we do more of it during this shelter in place and then of course after this is over.

Oh yes, Jack Whitehall’s May 2nd show has been postponed. Am I bummed? YES. Did I expect it? Yes indeed. I hope that when it gets rescheduled it’s on a Saturday and I can still attend. I do so want to see him live and maybe, just maybe even meet him. Maybe?


Star Trek: Picard – We just have one more episode. I can’t wait and yet I wish it wasn’t already almost over! I have enjoyed every single episode so much and I am so glad that there is a second season in the works. If you can, watch it!

Westworld – I’ve decided that I like any episode featuring Maeve and the amazing talents of Thandie Newton. She is a treat to watch and utterly mesmerizing…

The Mentalist – The hubby has been watching this show and I’ve watched a fair share of the episodes. I’m almost sorry we didn’t watch it during its original run but I am glad we can go through them at our own pace. Last night we got to Charles Mesure’s episode and we’ll be seeing William Gregory Lee’s episode soon as well. It was actually rather nice seeing Charles and thinking, oi, I’ve shaken hands with him! Such a sweet guy. And of course, I’m very much looking forward to Greg’s episode. I might have to do screencaps. Who am I kidding? I’m going to do them.

looking outside
view through the bathroom window

I hope everyone out there is being safe and diligent. Stay home so we can flatten that curve. The sooner we flatten that curve, the sooner we can get back to a more normal life. While you’re sitting home, maybe take the time to learn something new about yourself and the world. I’m striving for balance. I hope you’re doing the same…

Be well. Be diligent. Be safe.

Oh, and stop hoarding stuff like toilet paper!