TWITL – week fourteen – this new normal

The stress is still there but it’s so constant that it’s settled into the background now. I went in to work on Wednesday, found out I’m supposed to work remotely, then was asked if I could come in twice a week to answer the phone. I got to choose the days and I’m going for Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as any other days I might need to go in to do work at my desk. I’ve decided that if I go in on days other than Tuesday and Thursday, I’ll only work the mornings. I’m glad to have a sort of work schedule as it gives me a chance to do something “normal” and I get to be out of the house. Not many others are working at the office so the social distancing is easy enough.

Yes to Sam's new album!
yes to Sam’s album!


Sam Hunt – SOUTHSIDE – Sam’s second album went live on Friday and I’ve been listening it at intervals. It’s really good. I wondered if I was over Sam but apparently I’m not because every song I hear just makes me stop and savor. I can’t wait until I know the words to every song. It’s going to happen…

Jack cut his own hair on IG live


Jack Whitehall – Jack went on IG live to cut his hair (with guidance from a stylist) and did a rather good job of it. I was surprised and worried and utterly entertained while I watched him. I was hoping that he’d save his IG live but alas, he did not. I’m glad I took some screenshots while I was watching.

Simon Kassianides – Simon continues to be a daily bright spot with his poetry readings. I love poetry and I adore Simon so the combination of the two is rather dreamy. He’s thinking of reading Homer’s Iliad. I hope he does it!


War of the Worlds (EPIX) – The first season ended on a damn cliffhanger! I was half watching it but by the last few episodes, I was paying more attention. I kept yelling at the characters and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. A set of the characters spoke French and it made me wish that I was learning French instead of German. Maybe I’ll make it my next language.

Prodigal Son – I am so digging this show — the weekly mystery, the underlying storyline. I don’t like starting a network show that might or might not get another season but this one really caught my attention from the first.

love these ladies!
Saturday night goodness with these ladies

Cuddle Puddle Nation – vid chat no. 1 – I joined the group chat a little late but I was so glad that I did. I got to “see” my friends and “meet” the CPN I hadn’t met before. We just chatted and laughed and shared little bits of our lives with each other. We were brought together by our adoration of Aleks Paunovic and this is such a good thing. I love when loving something/someone means meeting and befriending like minded people. It’s so lovely…

dinner the other night
Southwest Chicken Sausage & Rice Skillet

Hello Fresh – This shelter in place has had us cooking more! We started doing Hello Fresh and I’ve actually had a good time with it. The food has been rather delicious and filling (at least for me). It’s fun cooking together and it’s so much better than getting fast food. Hopefully we’re learning some good habits and when this shelter in place is over, we’re still cooking at home…

And here’s a poem to end the post…

the music 
binds us
winds us
lifts us
connects us

the music 
we sing together
we love together
we laugh together
we cry together

the music
takes us
breaks us
makes us
never forsakes us

the music
we share together
we keep together
we find together
we dream together