TWILT – week twenty-one – new muse and other musings

Let’s start with the other musings first, just in case you don’t want to hear about the new muse quite yet…

The weather is heating up. We’re going to have triple digits the next several days and I am not ready for it. I was really digging the cooler weather last week. Alas! Thank goodness for a/c, I tell ya.

this pattern
the latest pattern shows a little change?

Shelter in place is still in effect and it’s not as overwhelming as it was in the early days. Maybe it’s because I have a routine that involves going to work twice a week. Maybe it’s because I actually don’t mind being at home all the time. I’ll be glad when life opens up a little more. I miss going to the bar after work. I miss knowing that if we take a drive somewhere, there will be facilities to use. I miss going out to eat. I miss going to the library.

my latest piece from 1888 Design
my latest piece from 1888 Design

My latest piece from 1888 Design arrived and I LOVE IT. One day I was checking out 1888 Design’s IG story and there was the piece. So beautiful, so green. I just had to have it. I commented on the piece and Nathan messaged back and gave me a price. I couldn’t resist and I just had to buy it. I love ALL my pieces from 1888 Design but I know I’m going to wear the heck out of this one because it’s just so lovely.

Sam Hunt’s tour was cancelled. ALAS! I knew that it was going to happen so I wasn’t surprise but damn, I am really bummed about it. I will say that even if the concert had gone ahead as planned, I don’t know how comfortable I would have been to go to such a big show. I’ve started the process for a refund but it’s probably going to take forever.


Bad Times at the El Royale
Chris Hemsworth as Billy Lee in Bad Times at the El Royale

Bad Times at the El Royale – I finally sat down and watched this movie. We bought it a long time ago on digital and one of the reasons (for me) was Chris Hemsworth. Plus it looked like an interesting film, which is was. I enjoyed it very much. It was weird and mysterious and a bit crazy. Hemsworth played a charismatic and creepy cult leader. The whole cast was spectacular but I found Cynthia Erivo particularly fascinating.


Snowpiercer – After finally watching the movie, I was looking forward to this show, especially since Aleks Paunovic is in it! He showed up in the second episode and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him. I liked the movie but I can tell that the show is different, which is all right by me…

Defending Jacob – We caught up on this Apple+ and there’s just one more episode. The best thing about this show is Chris Evans, of course, even though I find his character’s actions and motivations a bit off. I am so accustomed to crime shows that have a clearer view of the characters and in this show, the characters are flawed and don’t make sense sometimes. I do like Evans in the show and he’s really the main reason I’m watching…


CH in Extraction

“Marcus the Junior Matchmaker” – Guess who’s playing my main male character… Yes, Chris Hemsworth. While I was pondering on who should play my main male character (Henry? Sully? someone new?), my friend Rachel suggested Chris Hemsworth and BOOM, he’s the main fella of my story. This led me to realize that I own a lot of Chris Hemsworth movies and maybe I should do some screenshots (because that’s what happens when I start to fangirl HARD) and some 1000+ screenshots later, here I am, quite INSPIRED. The story itself is chugging along and when I get stuck, I just do more screenshots. One of the reasons I watched Bad Times at the El Royale was so that I could do screenshots (324, in case you’re wondering). of his many looks, my character looks most like his Extraction character, Tyler Rake, pictured above…


Star Trek
Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk in 2009’s STAR TREK

It’s not very often that I pull a fella out of the archives to start fangirling him yet here we are. So I thought I’d give a little rundown on my “why” for Chris Hemsworth…

Star Trek – The 2009 movie was the first time I saw him. I remember thinking, “Why isn’t he the one playing James Kirk? Yowsa!” His time in the movie was short but memorable and I remember CRYING at the end of scene. In the right mood, I can still cry at the end of that scene even now…

Thor – Obviously, a lot of people know him as Thor in the MCU movies. When the movies started coming out, I found myself gravitating towards Thor out of all the other MCU characters. I know, we all love Captain America but I loved the Asgard scenes and the like. The third Thor movie is my favorite and is probably in my top five of all the MCU movies and so much of that is because of him.

Extraction – I really dig movies like this one and the whole vibe of the movie reminded me of the Strike Back series so seeing him in this kind of role was an eye opener. When I was doing the screenshots for this movie, I realized that as gritty and dark it is, I like it. I think this movie is part of the reason that I’m now fangirling for him but in truth, he was always there.

Chris Hemsworth has made me cry and made me laugh and I’m not one to resist. So here we are with my favorite Chris… (Well, besides Chris Conrad but that’s another story for another time…)

as Kevin in Ghostbusters

And poetry inspired by my story…

you don’t want to hear it now
so I’ll whisper to my heart
I am yours
just call to me
I am yours
just reach for me
I am yours
just dream with me
I am yours
just whisper to me
you can’t hear it now
unless you listen to your heart
I am yours
the notion echos
I am yours
the revelation waits
I am yours
the answer you seek
I am yours
the other half of your soul