TWITL – week twenty-five – #FeelsLikeHome by @TylerRichMusic & other musings

Tyler Rich – “Feels Like Home” – Tyler’s new single dropped on Friday and GO LISTEN! Click on the link, stream the heck out of it, buy it, share it. Pour yourself a drink and memorize the words so you can belt it out with your friends. I love that the first time I heard this song was live. I even recorded it at a show. The studio version is just as awesome. Also, the lyric video is the cutest ever!


12 Strong – This movie was on sale digitally and since Chris Hemsworth is in it, I bought it. I thought it was well done. Is it weird that I like movies like this one? It probably shouldn’t have taken so long for me to watch it but sometimes it takes me awhile to get into the mood.

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn – This one was also on sale and of course I bought it. (I might have a problem with buying comic book inspired movies.) I liked it! I loved the action and the crazy, the frenetic Harley Quinn as played by Margot Robbie.

Jack Whitehall

Random and off the top musings

  • Out of my social bubble – I actually went somewhere other than work today (Sunday)! My bangs needed a trim so off I went to the salon. I ended up buying some shampoo and conditioner and lotion while I was there. It was good to be out.
  • My Crusaders won in their first game back for Super Rugby Aotearoa! I’m so glad I get to watch them and it’s even better when they win. It seemed like every time the Hurricanes scored, the Crusaders answered with a try. Yah for rugby!
  • It’s officially summer and the weather seems to know. It’s getting hotter out there. Joy?
  • My refund for Jack Whitehall’s show dropped into the bank account. I’m a little sad about that show. It’s still not cancelled but I couldn’t keep holding on to the hope that they’d reschedule. Another time, Jack, another time.
  • There are changes afoot at work. One of my favorite people is retiring! I’m happy for her but wow, I’m going to miss her at work. She is one of the best. I think she’s going to have such a great time in her retirement.
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