TWITL – week twenty-four – meandering musings

My days of working from home are numbered. We’re set to return to the office full time in July. I think I’m going to miss working from home. It’s much more relaxing even though I do try to keep to a routine even when at home.


Super Rugby Aotearoa began this past weekend! My Crusaders were on a bye so I didn’t worry too much about which team won each match I watched. It was a little weird seeing Beauden Barrett in a Blues kit and I laughed a little when his former Hurricanes teammates embraced him after a Hurricanes try. It was cute. The Blues won that match… The Highlanders v Chiefs game was CRAZY. TWO drop kick scores in the last few minutes of the game. I feel like I could go a whole season of Super Rugby without ever seeing one drop kick score much less two. Ye gods!… Probably the best part of watching both matches was seeing those lucky rugby fans in the stands all close together, not needing to social distance or wear masks. New Zealand has gone almost a month without a new case of COVID-19… Also, it was super weird seeing Dan Carter in a Blues kit. He was one of the water boys for the game. He might be ready to play in a couple of weeks. Now that will be fun to see!

I wasn’t sure if the matches were going to air here in the US and tweeted at ESPN about it. Another twitter user replied to echo my question and a day or so later, ESPN Scrum replied to the other user. A few other people either replied to ask the same question or just like the reply. We didn’t find out until the day before the first game whether or not ESPN would be airing the matches. I thought it was interesting that most of the other twitter rugby fans who liked or replied to the thread were men. Was I the only woman interested in knowing if ESPN was going to show the Super Rugby games? Anyhoo, I’m so glad I got to watch the games. Looking forward to seeing my Crusaders next week.

the pattern
the pattern looks a little different nowadays…


I have a name for the possible Chris oriented fan account. I’ve already reserved it on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. I think that means it’s going to happen. The plan is to open it on June 30th, which is Chris Conrad’s birthday. So far the tagline of the fan account is “My Chris, Your Chris, Our Chris.” The account will just be my way of showing my appreciation for the different fellas named Chris, namely Hemsworth, Evans, and Conrad with a little Pine thrown in there. And it’ll give me an excuse to make and use screenshots of the different Chris fellas. I will probably most definitely still post Hemsworth to my personal IG but save Evans for the fan account…

Thor Ragnarok


“Marcus the Junior Matchmaker” – The story is coming at me at a slower pace right now. Am I losing momentum or focus? Maybe so. It’ll come back to me. I want to write this story to the end but I still need to figure out how long it’ll be. Oh, and I need to write more of the character named in the title.

American Renegades


  • Happy Birthday to my Dad! He’s 78 today. Wow!
  • Happy Birthday to Sullivan Stapleton! Yes, he was born on my Dad’s birthday. He’s still my favorite. (I know, I have a lot of favorites.)
  • We had some cool days but the weather is heating up. Summer is almost officially here. Joy?
  • Besides Super Rugby, I’ve been watching NASCAR as well. Sometimes I just need to have sports on even if I’m only paying half attention to it…
My Chris & Your Chris
My Chris & Your Chris