TWITL – week twenty-eight – back to work

Truth be told, I’ve been working this whole time. Three of the weekdays was working from home and the other two days, I was in the office. Still, it was an adjustment going back to work everyday. It felt like a long week– a bit slow and though not quite uneventful– because it is summer break and summer break is usually the time the staff likes to take time off.

wear a mask

We have a somewhat solid first day of school date and I’ve decided to take some vacation days. I’m taking a couple of Fridays off because then I can stay up on Thursday nights for rugby. I know, a fun reason to take off, right? Well, it’s not like we can go anywhere at this point.

My passport finally arrived! Again, not that we can go anywhere at this point but if we could, I have my passport at the ready! I am not digging my picture AT ALL but what can you do?

the pattern
the pattern


Greyhound (Apple TV) – Nicely done film. I do enjoy certain sorts of wartime films and this one falls somewhere in the middle. Tom Hanks did a fine job. The story was easy to follow. There was something quiet about it and that’s not a bad thing…

The Old Guard (Netflix) – Charlize Theron is one of my favorite actresses and I love her best when she is kicking ass. She got to kick lots of ass in The Old Guard and yet there were the great character moments interspersed throughout the movie. Fantastic movie and I definitely recommend it unless action and violence isn’t your thing.

Army party

Our friend’s daughter is going into the Army and the family had a party this past weekend. We practiced social distancing for the most part and I wore my mask early on but after awhile, I took it off, especially while outside. It was so hot! This was only my second time being around people other than the husband and co-workers. It was nice to be out and to talk with other people…

with our favorite little fella
with our favorite little fella

Here’s to a good week, even though we’re experiencing setbacks on the pandemic front. Alas…