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TWITL – week twenty-seven – out and about

I’m quite sure I’m going to regret not taking some time off during this summer break. I can already tell, as I’m writing on this Sunday early evening. I’m back to going to going to the office five days a week starting tomorrow. What is work going to be like with everyone back at the office?

first time out since SIP
out and about…

Yesterday, 4th of July, we left the house to have some beers and eat lunch at a couple of our locals. First stop was Imperiale Beer Project. I had one beer and the Notorious P I G fries and lo, so good! I can’t wait until everything is open and we can actually sit inside and hang out for longer. Right now, it’s outdoor dining only but it was worth going out and sitting in the summer afternoon…

Notorious P I G - Imperiale Beer Project
The Notorious P I G

Second stop was Brentwood Craft Beer and Cider (BCBC). BCBC is one of my very favorite places to go after work and I MISS being able to hang out there. The outdoor seating is pretty cool and I will definitely love sitting out there, especially when it’s cooler. I was able to add to my ciders count. I’m sure my Untappd was like, oh, you still drink?

Besotted by Chris
Besotted by Chris is open!

Besotted by Chris – Yes, the fan account is live! It’s mostly Chris Hemsworth, lots of Chris Evans, a bit of Chris Conrad, and rarely Chris Pine. I made it live on Conrad’s birthday because it just seemed right. If you like any of those Chrises, find us on instagram, twitter, and tumblr

these two
these two


  • Hamilton – This amazing play is now playing on Disney+. GO WATCH! It’s so good. I’m probably going to watch it again. I was quite mesmerized by it…
  • Super Rugby – Australia started their own in-country matches this weekend, calling it Super Rugby AU. I’m so happy to have more rugby to watch! Super Rugby Aotearoa has been so great to watch so it’s even more goodness to have the Aussies on my tv too…
  • Writing – I am so stalled on my writing. Is the weather affecting my creativity? Maybe. It feels like I think of plot points and the like when I’m about to fall asleep. What kind of madness is that?