TWITL – week thirty-four – “keep having fun”

“Keep having fun”

I’ve known for a few weeks, maybe a month, that a friend from work was going to take that last breath then nothing more. Knowing she would be gone did nothing to soften the sorrow when the news finally came on Tuesday morning. I had to wait until after work to cry my tears.

She worked at one of our high schools and on Tuesday, I wore a shirt from that site for work that day. I had chosen it because it was clean but when I was told about her passing, I thought what a coincidence that I wore that t-shirt. It was also a sort of comfort.

I am sad that she’s gone. I am sad for her family and friends. I’m not sad that she’s no longer suffering but I wish she’d been able to be with us for longer and without pain.

I will miss talking to her almost every day at work about the craziness happening at her site. I will miss her sarcastic asides and big heart. She cared about her work, the students, and doing things right. I’m going to miss the slips she made into Tagalog, which always made me giggle. And I’m going to miss how she ended a lot of our phone conversations with “keep having fun.” I will miss her sunshine…


Last weekend’s thunderstorms lit the Bay Area on fire. The skies turned hazy and air smokey. The weather “cooled” down a bit (just under triple digits) but it didn’t help much. A couple of mornings had a strange, Mad Max sort of tinge to them. It’s unsettling and it has been this way until even now.

smoky skies

Even though it was still a bit smokey on Saturday, we spent a little time downtown. The farmers market seemed as lively as it would be on any other summer Saturday morning. Almost everyone was wearing masks (good on you all!). I didn’t wear my mask while I was drinking but I did wear it when I wasn’t.

wear your mask
I feel like a bandit

It was nice being out and seeing our friends. The air was a little harsh to be out even though the temperatures were nicer than they had been during the week. I took my old digital camera out with me (haven’t uploaded the photos yet so none to show here) to take some pictures. It’ll be fun to look at those shots later.

will I ever go to the movies again?
the Delta downtown…

I wonder when I’ll see a movie in the theatre again. What will the first movie I see be? I was hoping it would be Wonder Woman 1984 but I feel hesitant about sitting with a bunch of strangers in an enclosed area. We shall see…