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TWITL – week thirty-two – last week of break

My latest Funko arrived this week. It’s The Child (aka Baby Yoda until someone reveals that little critter’s name) from The Mandalorian. I actually bought two so that I could bring one to work. He’s so cute! I might have to bring home a Funko or two from work. It might be getting a little out of hand…

The Child keeping me company at work


LIVE AT HOMETyler Rich (EP) – Tyler’s latest release dropped last week and for some reason I forgot to mention it in my last post. What the heck?! Bad fangirl. This EP of five songs were recorded at home and of course, I love it all. It’s just Tyler and his guitar as he sings live versions of the following:

  • “11:11”
  • “Feels Like Home”
  • “Leave Her Wild”
  • “The Difference”
  • “Rather Be Us”

I suppose it depends on my mood or time of day or whatever but I pretty much love all the songs. Part of it is that I just love all of Tyler’s songs and the other part of it is that the live versions remind me of sitting at the G bar and enjoying Tyler as he played and sang. Sometimes the crowd was loud (it was a bar, after all) but sometimes it was a quiet night and we could just appreciate him and his music. I remember those moments when I realized that Tyler was making that wonderful music we were hearing and it was just him and his guitar.

this pattern
this pattern


I seem to be fully committed to doing this whole Chris thing so why not drop some links? I will say that the IG is where the content originates. I push the posts to the other services:

Most of the screenshots will be between Hemsworth and Evans, with Hemsworth having more the edge. Maybe. It’ll depend on my mood. The tag line is “My Chris, Your Chris, Our Chris,” which means (from my perspective) Hemsworth, Evans, and Conrad. Pine is the rare one because I’m the only one who likes him.

Thor Ragnarok
Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok
Evans in Push
Conrad in Patriot
Hell or High Water
Pine in Hell or High Water


Super Rugby Aotearoa – My Crusaders won last night, which means they’re the winners of Super Rugby Aotearoa! They have a game next week so I’ll get to watch them play one more time. I’m so happy for them! It’s been a great comfort being able to watch New Zealand rugby. I love seeing the fans in the stands. They are living the dream– living in New Zealand, watching rugby in person, and being able to be close with fellow fans.

Baseball – My A’s are on a ROLL! They won their 9th game in a row today, sweeping Astros. The Cardinals, on the other hand, have had to postpone a couple of series because of being tested positive for COVID-19. Not sure how they’re going to finish the season. I’m really wondering if baseball in general will make it to the end of the season…


This past week was the last week of summer break as school starts tomorrow (August 10th). We’re starting the year with distance learning, which is utterly new. What are we going to learn from this? Will public education be re-invented by these crazy times? Maybe so, maybe so. It’ll be interesting to witness all of it. It can be an adventure, if taken in that context. I need to remember that bit when it all goes crazy…