TWITL – week thirty-seven – brights spots

I bought a cheap webcam from Amazon this week and it arrived on Saturday morning just in time for a Zoom chat with my CPN lovelies!

These lovelies
Perhaps a I was bit… cheeky with my background?

CPN = Cuddle Puddle Nation (@CuddlePuddleNtn on twitter)… The fan account is dedicated to actor Aleks Paunovic. We’ve become friends because of our mutual adoration for Aleks and we’ve started chatting via Zoom. He dropped in on one of our chats once and we were super delighted. This is one of those wonderful moments when you become friends with people who just happen to adore the same person as you. Our chats are never short, so it’s a good thing. I love hanging out with these ladies. LOVE!

random shot of me
testing my webcam…

So having Zoom on my desktop with a webcam means that I can choose different backgrounds as well as better control the angle of the camera. As easy as it is to videochat on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, I can’t control the angle of the camera with those so I decided on getting a webcam. I found a cheap one that was actually in stock. It wasn’t supposed to arrive until Monday, then it changed to Sunday and then it was delivered just past 8 AM on Saturday. Lucky me!

orange skies
orange skies

Fires make smoky skies and one day this week the skies were orange. Sure, why not make 2020 weirder, eh? Certainly gave the day a weird vibe. This whole week was a weird vibe…


It didn’t happen. It’s been postponed. But it will happen. (Fingers crossed!)

dreary vibes
Mad Max, Blade Runner– pick your vibe…


  • Julie and the Phantoms (Netflix) – Hubby started watching this Netflix show and I got slightly suckered in. It’s cute! Plus one of my old favorites, Carlos Ponce, plays the dad. The songs are so catchy! (Wonder if he’ll sing at some point.)
  • Lovecraft Country (HBO) – I was right! I figured out something about something and I was right! (No spoilers but if you know, you know!) Such a weird and amazing show. If you can watch it, watch it!
  • I need readers now and I know that it’s part and parcel of aging but it’s still super annoying. I think it’s probably the reason I don’t write in my notebooks and such anymore. I need to get over needing to wear readers and just wear them. I bet I need to get readers for the computer too. One thing at a time…
  • “Almost Maybes” (acoustic) – Jordan Davis – Jordan released an acoustic version of his latest. Such a good song! And of course, it sounds great as an acoustic play. Give it a spin!
  • Apple has an event this week and I’m sort of excited about. Rumors are they won’t be announcing a new phone quite yet. I hope that’s not the case but who knows with them…
the red sun