TWITL – week forty-three – almost cooler days

It’s Friday evening as I begin this post. Let’s see when I actually publish it. (I’ll have to remember to comment at the end…)

Friday face - Snapchat filtered
Friday face, filtered by Snapchat

Today it was cool enough for me to wear a long sleeved flannel. Fine, it was unbuttoned over a tank top but still! Even more, I didn’t get hot during the day. Is the autumn weather finally creeping in with cooler temperatures? Maybe, just maybe.


The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro smartphones are out in the wild! I am suffering a little from FOMO because I told myself that I didn’t need the iPhone 12 Pro Max (the biggest phone) because the iPhone 12 Pro would be more than enough for my purposes. After reading some commentary and watching some reviews, I switched perspectives and decided that the iPhone 12 Pro Max was the phone to buy, that I would be patient and not pine for the 12 Pro. Well, now that the 12 Pro is out, I feel my patience fleeing me. I know that if I wait for the 12 Pro Max, I will not regret it. I must hold fast to that notion. I must be patient…

college ring
college ring

My friend mentioned that her daughter is going to be ordering her high school ring soon (where has the time gone?!) and we started talking about when we purchased our class rings. I bought my high school ring when I was sophomore, which was maybe a bit early? I’m not sure. I just remember wearing it in Geometry class and I was a sophomore then so there we go. My college ring, however, I did not buy until my last year of college. I think I wanted to be sure that I was graduating on time before I purchased it. Even though I walked in June, I actually finished my degree that September. I hadn’t been wearing my class rings at all these days– the high school ring is too small and college ring was never truly fitted to any of my fingers– but this week I took out my college ring and tried it on different fingers. It seems to fit decently on my left index finger so I’m going to wear it more often. Also, my university changed names since I graduated so my ring is a bit of a relic.

And wow, it’s been year since my class reunion? Seriously, where has the time gone? How did I randomly remember that?


this guy named Chris
this guy named Chris

There he is, the one playing the fella in my story. Chris Evans. I’ve been prepping the story and the characters and I think I have most of what happens in the story set. I have time to change my mind so we’ll see if I actually use everything I’ve outlined so far. I’m writing a romance novel, of course, but I haven’t figured out how steamy a story I’m writing. One of my previous NaNoWriMo stories did not have much steaminess– I left it to the imagination of the readers– but I don’t think I’ll do that again any time soon. Or at least not for this new story.

I do need a real working title for the story. A Good Boy’s Body just sounds weird, don’t you think? If I could figure out which song inspires the story, I could pick a line from the song that echoes the theme. The song in the running is “Lose You,” Jordan Davis’ latest single. (Such a good song!)


  • We’re going camping again soon. Apparently it’s going to be an annual thing for us? As wary as I was the first time around, I did enjoy myself (and got to take such pretty pictures) so I am looking forward to it this time. I’m also going to take so many days off that it’ll turn out to be week when taking into consideration the weekend and the holiday. JOY!
  • I’ve been listening to my soulDecision playlist this past week and it’s throwing me back a bit to the ’00s. Good times. (My favorite sD songs include “Faded,” “Kiss the Walls,” “Feelin’ You,” and “Sucky Love Song.”)
  • Sinatra – Matt Dusk – I love Frank Sinatra songs and I enjoy Matt Dusk so I took the plunge and hit buy on this album. He has a lovely voice and his interpretations of Sinatra songs is lovely to the ear.
  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm – I never saw the first film but we watched this one the other night. It’s not going to be to everyone’s taste but I did laugh at some of the ridiculousness. And oi, I know it’s not a realistic representation of the people of Kazakhstan but the Americans in it? I feel like some of them were portrayed as they exist. Not anyone I know (I hope) but let’s just say I would not be surprised if such people live and breath and believe…
this pattern
this pattern

And it’s Sunday evening now. Just so you know…