TWITL – week forty-two – utter randomness

The Apple Event did its part and I now want the new iPhone NOW. I’m torn between the two sizes of the Pro Max. If I’m patient, I think I know which one I want. I hope to have a new phone in a month because I am so ready for it!

It’s been TWENTY YEARS since I met Trevor Guthrie! The anniversary of that meeting was the 14th of October. On the 15th, I started playing my soulDecision playlist then I remembered we are in the month of October and I met Trevor one October early evening. How has it been freakin’ TWENTY years?! I will say that soulDecision’s music still sounds good to me. Speaks to my pop music heart.

randomly chosen
randomly chosen

National Novel Writing Month – I’ve chosen the story to write! I’m excited to write new characters. I’m plotting the story now. I have character names (I stole them from one of my previous stories) and most of the major plot points. I chose the male lead randomly, which lead to which story to write. I think I’ll have fun with this story. I just need to figure out what the external conflict will be. I might have an idea. We’ll see how it goes…

snapchat has the best filters
Snapchat has the best filters

I ate sushi three times this past week. I think two times a week should be the limit. The last dinner was a bit of a disappointment because the restaurant sent spicy tuna as opposed to just tuna. The spicy tuna was just too much for me!

the fried California roll was delicious though…

I happened upon the Femme Fatales episode “White Flower” and as William Gregory Lee is in it, I just had to do some screenshots. The episode aired back in 2011. I think I saw it back then. Watching it again was interesting. While doing the screenshots, I started to miss Greg. It’s been AGES since we’ve talked. In November, it’ll be twenty years since we met. I wish there was a way for me to say hey to him and have him actually respond… I also realized while doing the screenshots that I have a definite “type” when it comes to my celeb crushes (though I wouldn’t call my regard for Greg as a crush at this point since we’re friends of sorts). I’m sure you all see it…

Femme Fatales - White Flower
Greg in White Flower

Lovecraft Country – Well, just watched the season finale. I enjoyed the series! I thought it was well done though it did have some uneven moments. I would definitely recommend it. At the very least, it’ll have you thinking…

This will be the one and only time I mention it in one of my regular posts but if you want to read my less public (not posted on the home page nor linked to social media) posts, you can find them in the “disconnected” category. If you subscribe to my blog or have the link on your RSS feeder, the posts will show up there. So there it is.