TWITL – weeks 45, 46, 47, 48 aka TMITL November 2020

It’s Monday, November 30th and if I actually post this today, it’ll be a miracle! Yes, I wrote for National Novel Writing Month again and I wrote just a smidgen over 50k words, the last of them written yesterday, November 29th. I was below the pace for most of the month but thank goodness I had the whole week off for Thanksgiving and I was able to power through with some good days of writing. I love the characters so much and feel as though I still have a lot of story left to write for them. Because of time constraints, I didn’t get to write a somewhat dramatic moment so the story is a sort of pleasant lull. Maybe that’s what I needed to write. Oh, and my characters had lots of steamy time. It’s altogether so fun and so awkward writing steamy scenes, I tell ya.

So, what did I do in November besides write a novel?

Anchor Bay 2020


We went to Anchor Bay the first weekend of the month. It was cold and tent camping isn’t fun when the wind is blowing as if it wants to take you up. Otherwise, it was nice to get away and be outdoors and eat good food made by friends. And I realized that I like fire pits but I don’t like the smoke blowing in my face. Ha!

get it?

The Friday we were there, I woke up early to order my new iPhone 12 Pro Max and it took me one hour and forty-one minutes to do so. What the heck, T-Mobile! I was quite happy at the end, of course, and told myself to not be so anxious about getting it. T-Mobile tried to say it would arrive between a certain period of time but I figured that I would get the Friday after I ordered and I was right!


The weekend we were at Anchor Bay was the weekend after the election and it was super interesting to be around people who don’t have the same feelings about the whole thing as you. And that’s all I’ll say about that.


new iPhone

You can read my iPhone 12 Pro Max impressions here but after over two weeks with it, I can say that I’m still rather fascinated by it. The camera is super impressive and I like it so much that I ordered a cheap mobile phone tripod for it. I have thoughts of doing time lapsed video and other things like that. I like my current case because I can see the color on the back of the phone but the edges aren’t as eye catching. I’m a bit tempted to order the leather case because I like how the husband’s iPhone 12 Mini feels with that particular case. I’m also considering the Otterbox/Pop combo case because I sort of miss my Popsocket.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

The battery life is pretty decent but my week off from work made for very erratic charging of the battery so it never got too far down and I would charge it to 100% before bed and take it off to wake up to it still in the 90s. One morning, I woke up to it at 98%! Of course, my notifications were arriving in the background so the phone wasn’t really doing much while I was sleeping. Now that I’m back to a regular schedule, we’ll see how the battery does.



We had a lowkey Thanksgiving, our ham meal from Safeway. It was pretty good. You really can’t go wrong with ham. The meal was dutifully filling.

And the rest in bullet form:

  • The Mandalorian – SO GOOD! Even better, Chapter 11 – “The Heiress” – featured the appearance of Simon Kassianides as Axe Woves. It was so exciting seeing him on the show. It must have been so difficult to keep the role a secret. No spoilers, go watch the show!
  • The election. What can I say? The shenanigans after the election have been so tedious. There is no dignity, no actual concern for the American people or democracy in the outgoing administration…
  • Oh, I figured out that I started following Simon Kassianides on Instagram in 2015. But I still don’t know WHY I started following him. Was it Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? It has to be, eh? I really don’t know. Maybe I’ll figure it out someday.
  • Online shopping occupied my week off along with writing, which was fun but probably a bad thing. Things delivered included: new SWAT shoes, a Wonder Woman Pop Funko, a mobile phone tripod, Powerbeats Pro earphones, sweat pants. And there’s still more on the way!
Powerbeats Pro

Oh, and Chris Evans is tagged for this post because he was the male lead in my National Novel Writing Month story and I wanted to remember that bit. Also, the clip of him playing the piano was just TOO MUCH.