the best Monday ever (courtesy of @nayemonique & @simonkass) #SimonKassianides

I woke up on Monday morning thinking, “I’m so glad I only work three days this week!” I picked up my phone, as I am wont to do, and checked out my usual haunt– Instagram. I saw that Simon Kassianides had posted to his IG story and so of course I checked it out. It was a reminder that he’s on Cameo. I swiped up even though just a few days before, I had looked at his Cameo and saw that he was actually a bit “affordable” for a video. There was also a DM option, which lead me to commenting about it on Twitter before the weekend, where I mused:

A couple of my friends commented and asked how much and all of that. (For the record, I think I would get a reply from him because hello, Number Two Fan here!)

So back to Monday morning and checking out his Cameo again. I had harbored the notion of buying myself a Cameo from him but lo, selfish and what would I have him even say? Still, I was actually thinking about it but then I saw that in a matter of a couple of days, the price for a Cameo from him had increased. YE GODS! Oh well, I thought, guess I’m not going to do that. And it was just as well, because again, selfish.

I went about my morning routine and just before changing for work, I picked up my phone again and saw a tweet for me from one of my friends. Curious, I clicked on it and just about FELL OUT.

I confess, I had to compose myself before clicking on on the video to play. And when I did play it, I couldn’t even watch it the first time but for a few glances. So I listened with bated breath as Simon recited a poem by Beethoven called “Immortal Beloved.” At the end, I did that fangirl sort of squeal one does even at my advanced age (but hey, I’m young at heart) and as instructed I took a few pictures of myself to send to Shanaye. I also posted a shot to my IG story because I must always share my fangirl glee even if the coloring is awful and all of that. OF COURSE, I tagged him (how else am I going to get his attention?) and ye gods, he reposted my IG story to his IG story because gotta keep your Number Two Fan hooked. (I know the game, don’t think I don’t.)

I adore Simon Kassianides
my crazy happy face

I still don’t really have the words to thank Shanaye for this amazing and unexpected gift. I tried thusly:

I’ve watched/listened to the Cameo many times now. How can I not? He says my name AND reads a poem called “Immortal Beloved.” Talk about fodder for my current story! (He’s the main fella in my current story, which is still in early stages so who knows where it will go.) I am so grateful for this gift and I will never really ever have all the words to express all the feelings.

Thank you, Shanaye, for this wonderful and amazing gift. You have no idea what you’ve given me. MUAH! I love you!

And Simon, many many thanks for the lovely reading of “Immortal Beloved.” I very much enjoyed your poetry readings in the beginning of this craziness but this one will always be my favorite. Thank you for making it so easy to be your Number Two Fan. That’s it, I’m ever hooked. I will always be that one supporting you and your work.

And for posterity, the video…
Immortal Beloved
Immortal Beloved – Beethoven

And while I’m here, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you! I know, it’s a weird time all the way around but my wish for all of you is to feel that love and joy not just now but in those moments you need it most…

Be well, be safe, wear a mask! Happy Holidays!