TWITL – week fifty – colder days

It’s late Sunday morning as I start this post and the skies are gray and the ground is wet. The rain poured strong earlier this morning and it was a welcome sound and sight. I don’t mind the rain as long as I’m home and not outside trying to drive in it…

this pattern

I signed my first NDA yesterday! Wait, was it my first? Let’s just go with it was my first (though I’m sure if I thought about it long enough, it might not be). Anyhoo, I’d love to talk about it but NDA so there it is…

The Imperfect Film
The Imperfect Picture

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I backed my first film project! I’m not one to do such things normally (I’m rather selfish with my money and such) but I couldn’t resist this one because Simon Kassianides is in it and well, you know, he’s one of my favorites. And in return, they made a customized poster with my photo. Awww! Give them a follow, check out the trailer. The IG account has a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that might pique your interest.

Evans as my watchface
Evans photos are my watch face right now…

Let’s go bullet style right now:

  • The COVID-19 numbers just keep rising. It is really discouraging and disheartening. Even though my routine hasn’t really changed much, the stress from other people is very real. I think people are sick of trying to do the right thing (or they’re just not even do the right thing) and my thing is do what you need to do. Just don’t pretend you’re concerned one minute and then gallivant around town the next minute. Mind your own, do what you need to do, and just be safe. If you can’t be bothered to think about other people and your community, keep your mouth shut about what you think they should be doing when you’re not doing the right thing either. And if you’re doing the right thing, don’t be so bothered that other people aren’t. Just worry about you and yours…
  • I might try to follow some resolutions for 2021. We’ll see. Probably just the usual (read more, write more, clean more, eat better) but I’d like to set some concrete goals. We’ll see…
  • Still very much enjoying my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I really do love the camera, which is so much nicer than my previous phone, the iPhone XS. The size of the Max doesn’t bother me at all and so far, I’m not even really missing my Popsocket (which makes me a little sad because I did love having my customized pops).
  • I’m still writing this one piece that I’ve called “Ever at Odds.” It’s probably just a vignette of sorts but I am oddly enthralled by the characters even if I don’t know all their details yet. It’s fun when stories start that way…
  • My Superman face masks arrived this week. Yah!
  • My latest Love Your Melon beanie arrived It’s a Captain America beanie.
Wear A Mask

I just read a post by one of our local businesses asking for patience in this unprecedented time. It seriously BUMS ME OUT that people are being rude or disrespectful to those awesome businesses that are open and serving people. WEAR YOUR MASK and be GRATEFUL that you can get your favorite goodies from your favorite places. Just because you’re paying for it doesn’t mean that you can be a freakin’ jackass to people. Be kind, people. Just be kind.