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TWITL – week fifty-one – dreaming of you with my words

I know you see me
dreaming of you with my words
pretending we’re real

Sometimes the poetry makes no sense but there it is.

my IG top nine 2020
2020 Top Nine at Instagram (@kiari)

My top nine of 2020 at Instagram heavily features Sullivan Stapleton and Santiago Cabrera. How did Charles Mesure sneak in there? I sort of love it. I’m thinking almost all of those shots were pre-pandemic. I have a feeling my top nine for 2021 will look a bit different because I don’t know that I’ll post that much Sully since I haven’t posted him much lately.

thanks Santa!

Fall semester ended this week and Friday should have been the staff breakfast at the high school then our quarterly luncheon at the office but for the first time in the thirteen years I’ve worked for the district, none of that happened. I thought about on Friday morning and it made me a little sad.

sooo good

We did have a little outdoor gathering in the afternoon because Debbie V has retired. Just like as with Pat, I am happy for Debbie even though I will miss her. She is one of the kindest and sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure to call co-worker. She was full of wisdom and knowledge and always at the ready. I hope that a piece of her spirit and work ethic echoes in all of us…

hazy morning

Winter Break has begun but I have to work three days this week. It shouldn’t be too busy. I’m looking forward to my days off from work. I plan on writing and cleaning the house. Should I make resolutions for 2021? I’m thinking about it…



The Mandalorian [Disney+] – Season 2 came to end this week and it was fantastic! It would have been better if *someone* had appeared in the season finale but I get why he didn’t (maybe). Still, it would have been amazing if he had appeared. The episode was great and I cried a little at the end. My hopes for season 3? Well, I hope that we get another episode or two where Axe Woves appears because I do like seeing Simon Kassianides in that Beskar…

Fight Club – I have never seen Fight Club so the hubby hit play the other night and we watched it. It was certainly entertaining. And lo, everyone looks so young! It’s quite brutal and violent and a bit of a mind bender– all things I appreciate. I think if I had seen the movie when it first came out, I would have been more shocked by everything.

The Wilds [Amazon Prime Video] – Hubby hit play on this one and I wasn’t too interested in watching it but it hooked me. I found the teenagers infuriating but totally relatable and even though I was sort of yelling at them while I was watching, I was also quite engrossed. The season ended on a freakin’ cliffhanger and it wasn’t until today (?) that they announced there would be a second season. THANK GOODNESS!

this pattern
this pattern


I think Simon Kassianides has worked his way back into my fangirl heart. It’s not as though I cast him aside but I took a break from him after the whole “model” period. (If we ever become friends, I’m going to tell him what she did.) Does this mean that he’s joined Sully and Henry as sort of “forever” fellas? Hmm, maybe. He’s making it easy to adore him by reposting my IG stories where I tag him. And yes, of course I tag him so that he’ll see.

I still like Jack Whitehall but perhaps 2021 will be the year that I stop posting him on my IG. Maybe? I post him every Wednesday for #WhitehallCrushWednesday, which is really just an excuse to post him once a week. But do I need to post him every week? If I stop, I think I’ll have to change my bio at IG and probably Twitter.

I definitely still like Chris Hemsworth but perhaps I just post him on Besotted by Chris instead of my personal IG. It’s a thought but I bet I don’t follow through and I keep posting him on my personal account.

this kind of thing keeps me hooked
this kind of stuff keeps me hooked…