End of Winter Break

It’s Sunday evening and Sunday Night Football is on the television. I already posted for this week but thought I’d write a little before it’s back to the routine.

CPN - New Year's Eve

On New Year’s Eve, I chatted with my CPN friends. ALWAYS good times with them. We got to bring in the new year on east coast time but we were offline by the time midnight hit here on the west coast. I love being able to chat with them and laugh with them and complain with them. We do a lot of laughing and chatting for sure.

stars in the sky
stars in the sky

I’ve gone out in the backyard a couple of times to take photos of the night sky. I’ve gotten some decent results. This is what happens when one watches YouTube videos and has a tripod.


Soul [Disney+] – Such a lovely movie! I loved the jazzy tunes. It was a little sad at first but very sweet and heartwarming by the end. Someone I once worked with is a voice in the movie! Neat.

Max Reload and the Nether Blasters [Amazon Prime Video] – I actually liked this movie. A bit silly but fun and nerdy.

The Banana Splits Movie – It’s a weird and freaky movie. Quite disturbing and dark funny too. It’s like a fever dream or something. I’m never going to think the same thing when I hear that song again. Ha!

the yearly tweet
a yearly tweet

So on January 3, 2017, I randomly screenshot my watch and then tweeted at Simon Kassianides about how he makes a nice watch face. I did the same a year later and then so on. This was the first time it’s happened on the weekend so I had to set an alarm. This is how I fangirl. “This is the way.”

Back to work tomorrow. Am I ready for it? Not really but part of me is ready for more of a routine. I loved my time off but I’m fine with going back to work. Maybe.