TWITL – week four – stormy days then sunny skies

We had some days of cold and rain and then the weekend opened up to sunny skies. Such is the weather here in the far east Bay Area. I loved the cold days but that one stormy night was a bit much for me. So noisy! I still managed to sleep though so I suppose it wasn’t too bad.

even in the rain, so pretty
even when wet, so shiny!

It was my last week without the madness of transfers at work. Monday, February 1st, begins our open enrollment for transfers and so will begin too my super busy time with lots of logging of transfers and the like. Part of me is excited about something “normal” and part of me wonders how different it’s going to be.

croissant & mimosa
croissant & mimosa on Saturday

Farmers Market! Our farmers market is now year ’round and this weekend was the second one of the year. We ventured out and bought some pastries then sat down at the wine bar for some drinks. I had a couple of mimosas and ate my croissant and I’ve decided that’s a damn good way to start the day. We also had drinks at another one of our favorite places before walking down to our friend’s house for a short visit.

we're cute, right?

Before heading back home, we stopped by another place to buy a couple of 4 packs to take home. On our way back to the SUV, we ran into my cousin’s wife and their kids! It was so lovely seeing family that I actually haven’t seen in over year (beside the posts on social media). I don’t know how or why but I totally blanked on taking some pictures. Maybe because they were eating, I didn’t want to be weird? Alas! Still, I loved seeing the little ones, especially the new baby, Micah. So tiny and sweet! Shout out to Greyson, Kennedy, and Lily as well. I see Lily on social media all the time but seeing her in real life is such a lift. She’s so adorable and always makes me smile.

CPN chatting

Saturday was our first CPN chat of the year! (We’re not counting New Year’s Eve, are we?) I LOVE chatting with my fellow Cuddlers. It just feels good to sit and talk and share. I love those ladies so much. It’s going to be wild to meet them in person (though three of us have already met in person). Someday!… The reading from the Jell-O recipe book from 1981 was definitely a highlight. Ye gods!… I tell you, the chats with them always makes me smile.

could I do red?
what if I was a redhead?

Today I visited my stylist for a bangs trim and eyebrow wax. Yes, I have no qualms at all about going to the salon because every precaution is taken and this was my fourth time (?) there since the pandemic began… I love that one IG filter than changes your hair color. Could I do a red? Hmmm, probably not but it’s fun to imagine. I’ve never colored my hair and as it’s relatively healthy on the whole, I’m not so sure I’d want to put it through coloring. Maybe.

And with that, January is just about over. Here’s to a good February! I hope more people get the vaccine (I’m glad that my parents have already gotten their first dose) so that we can all hug each other.

Wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your distance.