TWITL – week one – a long week

The first week after winter break is always a long week but damn, this week most definitely wore on the soul. How could it not?

My take on Wednesday– those people who stormed the Capitol meant to do harm. I call them terrorists. They are not “patriots.” They were a mob without a brain, egged on without purpose except to do harm. My deepest hope is that they round up as many of them as they can and that they are charged and go to jail. As for the instigators, may their punishment be swift and true.

the desk

It’s hard to take away Wednesday and talk about the rest of the week but let me give it a try.

The work week was slow and steady and not very exciting but I’m already getting calls about transfers. I’m expecting the questions and reminding myself to speak with patience. In “normal” times, I would be revving up for February and transfers and even though I am doing that, it feels different. Nothing feels quite “normal” now.

My IDGAF face?

Short takes, bullet style:

  • The weather was delightfully cold/cool but the forecast shows 60 and maybe even 70? What the heck?!
  • My niece shared a story she’s writing and wow, I’m hooked! I hope she keeps writing. I love seeing the creativity…
  • I’ve been posting a photo every day at one of my secondary IG accounts, @vasiakiari. Let’s see how long I can keep it up…
in the new ride
in the new ride…

We bought a new (to us) vehicle! It’s a 2019 Ford Edge, Titanium, EcoBoost. It’s got some fancy stuff going on and I feel like I’m going to love it. Among the fancy things: an app on the phone to control some of the car’s controls (opening the door, starting the vehicle), setting the driver’s seat and mirrors, a wireless charger (which is a bit hit/miss so far). Now I have two vehicles to drive to work! I’m excited about having something new. Our truck is 17 years old so something new(ish) is a good thing.

visiting my grandfather

After the dealership, we decided to drive the Edge out a bit by going to the cemetery to visit my grandfather. I had meant to visit on Christmas (his birthday was Christmas Eve) but never got out so this seemed like a good time to go. Looks like his picture might need to be replaced. The glass is gone and the picture looks like it’s been ripped a little. Alas!


Here’s to a good week. We can do it! Wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your distance so we can kiss cheeks and hug when we meet again.